View Full Version : A very well hidden fuel filter!

Shark Doctor
5th January 2005, 01:55
I removed my tank for repainting and removed the petcock as well. I was surprised to find this tank filter, but even more surprised to see just how clogged it was. Does anyone "routinely" inspect this filter? Has anyone had a fuel flow problem that could be attributed to this?




5th January 2005, 02:03
The book tells you to clean at 25,000 miles or 40,000 km.

Of course more often if you have problem.

Moved On
5th January 2005, 02:06
I've never taken mine out, just read how to do it. Thanks for sharing the picture. Now I know whats up in that hole.


5th January 2005, 03:02
I've pulled mine a few times. Mostly during the winter months. I haven't really found any problems with clogging yet. My bike is a '97. It has a fair bit of miles too.

5th January 2005, 04:06
I cleaned mine as part of the winter project 1st winter after acquireng each bike. The one on the 98 had very little crud, but the Iron had rust. Upon inspection i saw that the tank has some rust. It is now at a shop to be professionally cleaned and lined.

5th January 2005, 12:42
I had one that was soo cloged that the bike wouldn't go 55 mph the petcock was junk I couldnot clean it well enuff to make it work so I had to get a new petcock

5th January 2005, 22:36
How many of you actually install an inline filter between the tank and carb? I rarely see that, but I'd think it would be a good idea to install one. When I dropped my float bown to change the int. jet, the bowl was coated with brown crap. And the bike never ran withthat carb on it. The fuel must have sat there for a while, but that was gross.

8th January 2005, 05:58
It's very important to check this filter, but again stating the obivious be very very very carful not to strip the threads or your lookin at a major repair.

I'm installing an after/market inline filter that cleans to 40 microns, which may seem like over-kill but when your a long run and you stop in butt-$#@ Sask, some of the gas pumps still have dials and they don't know what octane #'s mean cause there is only one kind of gas.

9th January 2005, 00:27
I just threw in a Russel inline filter (40 microns) see pic below, you can pull filter out clean it and put it back in, easier then the petcock/tank filter.

During the above installation I pulled the petcock/tank filter. The tank filter is courser but stops paint chips, rust and dirt.