View Full Version : 04 1200 custom seat

5th January 2005, 15:46
Well I've narrowed my decission down to the Mustang Vintage Solo and passenger pad and the Lepera Daytona LT. The Mustang is about $30 more over the internet. I like the looks of the Lepera but I'm concerned with which seat will be better for long distance riding 400-500 mile days. I'm 5'8", inseam 30.5" and weigh about 155lbs. Any thought from those who have Mustang or Lepera seat would be appreciated. Also according to the Mustang website they also have 2 new one piece seats for the 04s, Daytripper and Fastback.


5th January 2005, 16:23
I have the Vintage solo with no passenger pad. it is very comfortable on any ride.

5th January 2005, 17:41
I think the Mustang I put on mine was the best mod I've done.... I have put 250+ miles on it in a day and no sore butt!!!

Phil R
5th January 2005, 18:36
I have the Mustang Vintage Solo (12" wide not the 15") on my Roadster and it suits me perfect at 5'8", 30" inseam, 200 lbs. I have the 8" passenger pillion but have not taken a rider yet.