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6th January 2005, 01:18
My front end went all "squishy" on me after I put the bike up on a lift to change out the pipes. I am assuming that having the front wheel fully extended while up on the lift was not good for it. The pipes are awesome (BUB Jug Huggers) eBay for $299 but now the front end dives on stops and feels like crap over bumps. Did I screw something up and if so is it fixable?

Help greatly appreciated!! :(

6th January 2005, 07:35
Fully extending the front forks shoudln't hurt anything. A front end that dives and feels squoshy sounds like a stock front end to me! Can't imagine what would do that, or what would fix it. You would have to have lost some oil it seems to make that happen.

6th January 2005, 14:21
Yeah thats the stock front end alright. my 05 with me on it rode almost bottomed out all the time and I only weight about 170 lbs. Do your self a favor and get the Progressive spring kit, this is the best $55 you will ever spend.

6th January 2005, 14:31
Here ya go ... Get some Progressive fork springs in that bike:

Read the instructions included with your Progressive front fork spring kit !

To empty the forks: Remove the small drain screws near the bottom of each fork. When you remove these, a small amount of fork oil will squirt out. Have rags on the ground to catch all the oil.

Pump the front end of the bike up and down many times (full stroke) to remove the remaining oil. The majority of the oil will be removed when pumping the forks. When all oil is removed, re-install the drain screws. Clean all oil from the front brake disks, calipers, wheels and the floor.

Jack the bike up so there's no weight on the front wheel and forks.

Put a large thick towel over the fuel tank and remove the handlebars (with everything still attached) and set them carefully on the tank. This gets them out of the way for removing the fork caps.

Using a 1 3/8” socket, remove the fork caps … Be careful, as these caps are under slight pressure from the fork springs. A piece of electrical tape can be placed around the end caps to prevent scratching during removal and installation.

Once the fork caps are removed, remove the springs and pour in approx. 9oz of new fork oil per fork. Recommend Bel-Ray 15wt.

The correct oil level can be insured by now fully lowering the bike so the forks completely collapse (no wieght on the bike lift). With the springs still removed, measure the distance from the top of the fork tube down to the top of the oil level in the fork. This distance should be no less than 5 1/2”. I set mine down to the 6" level. (I had to add another 1oz of oil to get the oil level to 6")

Raise the bike again so the front wheel is off the ground. Slide the new fork springs back in. The end of the springs will need to extend approx. 3/4” out of the fork tubes for preload. If the springs do not extend out of the fork tubes the required 3/4”, a piece of PVC plastic tubing (spacer) will need to be cut and placed above the springs so as the spacer sticks out of the folk tube the required 3/4" distance. This PVC tubing should be included in the Progressive spring kit. If any PVC tubing is used as a spacer, then a large washer will be need to be placed on top of the spring (between the spring and the PCV tubing) on each fork. These washers should also be included in the kit.

Note: Be advised that since the fork cap will screw 3/4" into the fork, this will actually give a total of 1 1/2" spring preload with the spacer sticking out of the fork 3/4" prior to fork cap install. (my bike required a 3" PVC spacer)

Re-install the fork caps and handlebars.
__________________________________________________ _____

Note: The required 1 3/8” socket is not available for your 1/2” drive ratchet, so get these two tools:

Autozone “Great Neck”
P/N S0138
1 3/8” socket - 3/4” drive

Autozone “Great Neck”
P/N AD75
3/4” drive to 1/2” drive adapter
__________________________________________________ _____

Progressive Fork Springs for 04-05 Sportster:

P/N: 11-1527
Alternate P/N: 11-1523 or P/N 11-1130

6th January 2005, 14:36
Yeah, Do your self a favor and get the Progressive spring kit

Sound advice....put Progressives front and back and it was probably the best thing I've done to it. :clap

6th January 2005, 21:03
I didn't expect a reply so soon! (see title of this post) :tour

6th January 2005, 22:43
X...do not know about the front end but $299 for the Jug Huggers?? I paid $399 and thought I got a deal!! :censor :censor :rippedoff :rippedoff

But I love the pipes. I went riding on new years day and had 3 compliments from other riders on their unique look. Sound and perform great too! I cannot wait until the 500 mile break-in is over so I can really let it rip!

Post some pics...I have a custom and would like to see them on a standard XL

7th January 2005, 17:41
Love them Jug Huggers!

Yep, I was the only bidder at the start with $299 for em. They look great, sound great and very are well constructed. The best thing was the phenominal performance boost. The carb seems to have come to life and now and I don't get "the spits" anymore. My next three upgrades are the Progresive springs for the front, SE Air Filter and SE Ignition Module... wil post pics as soon as I figure it ou : )

7th January 2005, 17:42

I think you need more cow bell....