View Full Version : Ironhead Swap meet

76 sporty
3rd January 2012, 17:56
Anyone else going to this meet in st paul on the 15th

3rd January 2012, 18:20
Hey 76, thanks for the heads up, I'll be out of town on business most of this month but I'm going to see if I can hit the one in St. Cloud.

3rd January 2012, 23:49
Im gonna make this one, got a project bike, so it gives me a reason to go. Looks like the amount of MN swaps are less frequent.

the cowboy way
4th January 2012, 01:14
yo find burried treasures
ya gotta get yer hands dirty
take a 6" scale and dial calipers
and shop rags

4th January 2012, 01:45
Around here there are never any Sportster parts, much less IronHead parts, at swap meets. I go just to socialize.

eBay and a few internet sellers are for me the only source.