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9th January 2012, 21:49
I just mounted a vintage Shoei FM-3 fairing on my 2011 Superlow. I have the tallest Gustafsson tinted shield on it so look thru the shield. Very good weather protection and no wind buffeting like with the Harley windshields. It cost way less as well. I did have to fabricate bottom brackets but it was easy. I don't have a digital camers so can't post pics.

9th January 2012, 21:53
Oh c'mon, you really expect us to believe this without pics!? :wonderlan, pics would be nice because I have no idea what this would look like.

Rico 05R
9th January 2012, 22:43

9th January 2012, 23:17
Put in Shoei FM-3 fairing and you will see one. The FM-2 is identical but 3 inches wider. I previously had it on my Bonneville. The mounting brackets on the bottom go to the headlight ears but since the Sportster doesn't have ears I bought two 1 1/2 inch rubber coated clamps to go around the forks and made a bracket to go from the bolt holes in the fairing to the rubber clamps. It works really good and I've never seen one on a Sportster before. I did see a Vetter Windjammer on a Sport and it looked quite nice.

9th January 2012, 23:19
It looks awesome dude!!!:dunno

14th April 2012, 18:11
still need pic's......your girlfriend, kids, sister or a neighbour could help you

Bob F
14th April 2012, 20:42
Oh c'mon, you really expect us to believe this without pics!?

Don't be a pic tease. Got a camera in your phone? Know anyone that does?