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18th September 2005, 05:19
Just recently installed the TC88A from DTT, and I now get a trouble code number U1016 (this could A:Loss of ICM/ECM serial data instruments; or B: Loss of ECM serial data, Vehicle speed, vehicle inhibit motion, or powertrain security status TSM/TSSM). This code doesn't make sense as my intruments function properly.

I'm fairly certain the module is installed correctly as the bike runs. Also installed the pc link wire to pin number 2 at the ignition connector. I identified the wire to remove and replace by the service manual, and not by the numbers on the connector. Also installed to pin 1 of diagnostic connector.

Any Suggestions?

883 custom
18th September 2005, 05:33
The code means loss of all icm serial data. The serial data line provides a means for the ign. control mod., tsm/tssm and speedometer to communicate their current status.A dtc u1016 means their was communication on the data bus sincew power up, but communication was lost or interrupted during that cycle. Thats straight from the diagnostic manuel. Let me look and I;ll see how you reset it.

18th September 2005, 05:36
Reseting the code is not a problem, I have cleared it several times, but it keeps coming back. Getting the code on S,SP, and T. Getting no resp on P no matter what position the run swith is in. I thought it was coming from entering diagnostic mode with the run switch off on accident. Cleared it, rode it. Entered diagnostic with run switch on and it was back.

883 custom
18th September 2005, 05:39
Maybe you could try unhooking it and reinstall. I have the same ign. and have no codes.

18th September 2005, 05:44
That certainly couldn't hurt anything. I'll give it a shot tomorrow morning.

883 custom
18th September 2005, 05:46
Shaggybob I just read your other post on the pinging problem. I would give them a call at dtt and talk to the tech guy. I had a problem with my speedo jumping all around and had to send it back to them for a software update. It was new but they said it needed updating. You should not be pinging at those setting.

18th September 2005, 05:53
I've seen where a few have had bad units here and there. But DTT seems to have taken care of things for those that did. I dropped them an email a few minutes ago, but I'll probably try calling next week.

22nd September 2005, 03:35
Follow up:

According to DTT the code is set as the system detects the module as a foreign object.

26th June 2006, 20:39
can someone tell me where the diagnostic connector is? I'm looking through the sevice manual and can't find it.

26th June 2006, 20:54
shaggybob .....

You are posting this in the wrong forum, but ....

You don't state whether or not you have the optional cable with your TC88A.

If so, you needed to install the white jumper wire correctly that came with the TC88A:

Installing that White jumper wire

As per the instructions: First locate the wire your going to remove in the connector that attaches to the ign. module. It will be the 2nd wire from the right side (looking towards the front) on the top row. My bike has a red wire just to the left of this wire.

Now unplug the connector from the module.

Looking at the end of the connector you just pulled off, you will see a colored piece of plastic (can't remember if it's yellow or orange). Anyway, get a small flat tip screwdriver and pry this piece of plastic out. It will take a little work ... just don't break it (there are no clips holding it in)

Once it's out, you will see it looks like a wedge. This wedge locks in all the wires.

Now, looking inside the connector, you will see a bunch of black plastic clips. There is one for each wire. Find the clip that holds the wire you want to remove and push on it with a pick or better yet, a small flat tip screwdriver. As you move the clip, pull out on the wire. It will pull right out.

Get some electrical tape or a piece os shrink tube and make sure the exposed end of this wire is covered up real good. Then get it out of the way. You won't use it for anything anymore.

Take the female end of that white jumper wire and push it in the hole till it goes all the way in. That clip will lock in in place.

Now push in that plastic wedge. That keeps all those clips from letting go of the wires. Just locks them all in nice and tight.

Now, for the Diagnostic Connector: As far as the male end of that jumper wire, I had to get a file and file down the fat part of the male end a little so it would go all the way into the diagnostic plug ... Just make sure it's pin sticks in the diagnotic connector as far as the rest of the pins. Again, you may need to make the little wide part on the end of the wire just a little thinner so it pushes all the way in.

This may fix some of your problems ....

Good Luck,

BTW .... are you using one of my custom ignition MAPs?

26th June 2006, 21:13
Holy Jeeeeze!

The original question in this thread is over 9 months ago!

Zanex .... How did you dig up this old thread

BTW, the diagnosic connector is the little square grey plastic connector right by the battery (you need to remove the battery cover) .... it will have a little cap over the top of it that you can remove.

26th June 2006, 21:26
Thanks Turbota. I bought my TC88A used and the directions I got with it are for the software interface only. I appreciate the help as always. Also, my TC88A has been flashed w/ your most recent MAP program. I'll let you know how it works out.

26th June 2006, 21:31
Good luck to you! :)

26th June 2006, 21:36
Just for anyones info: This is a copy of the email I send with the custom MAP for anyone that want's to learn how to install a custom TC88A MAP. (of course, you need the optional cable to load a custom MAP).

__________________________________________________ ________

Attached is a Custom Ignition MAP designed for the 04-06 Sportster.

Important: Save it in “My Documents” first.

When this MAP is loaded into your TC88A ignition module, you will still be able to use the "Initial Timing" switch on the module. Start out with this switch in the #5 position. When it is in the 5 position the timing will be set exactly as I wrote it. If you want to tweek the timing a little from the way it was written, then you can use the Initial Timing switch. For each click position less than 5, you will decrease all timing in the MAP program 1 degree. For each click position above 5, you will increase all timing in the program 1 degree.

The "Advance Slope" switch on your module will be inoperative and won't do a thing if adjusted.

With this custom MAP, you will still need to set your desired rev limit with the switches on the TC88A module since your rev limit data is not included in this custom MAP.

I have set the VSS on your MAP program to ----. This should make your speedo correct.

Make sure you have installed the "jumper wire" on your bike as per the TC88A instructions. It needs to be installed correctly, or you will never be able to load this MAP program.

As far as a cable to load this MAP program into your TC88A from your laptop ... You are going to have to borrow or buy one from Twin Tec. The cable has a special circuit board integrated into it, so there is no generic cable that will work.

To view this Modified MAP as a 3D graph, you will need to go to the following link and download the “PC Link TC88” program first:


To view the custom MAP, just click on the “PC Link TC88” program.

Click “File”

Click “Open Table”

Then click which one of the two MAP files you want to view.

The MAP graph will then be shown.

When closing the program after you reviewed the graph … Do not click save, or it will save another twin copy of this custom MAP in “My Documents”. You don’t need another copy of it.

As far loading a new MAP program into the TC88A, all you need to do is:

Open up the TC88 Data Logging program. You will need to download it first from here:


Turn on the bikes ignition switch and run switch
Click Communications

Click "Clear TC88 Data Buffer"

Click "Edit"

Click "Edit TC88 Parameters"

Set the "Logging Data Interval" to 0.10 sec and click "Upload"

Now, exit this program

Open up the "PC Link TC88" program

Open up the new MAP program in your Twin Tec PC Link program. You will then see the MAP graph on your screen. Make sure your ignition switch and run switch are still on.

Click “Comunications”

Click 'Upload to EEPROM'. You should see a bar graph. When the graph line finishes going across the graph you will get a display that says it was loaded (or something to that effect).

26th June 2006, 21:40
Oh and Turbota, I live by the forum search engine. With as much as I use it, I'm sure the server has my IP address seared into the CPU, crunching my search requests ;)