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11th January 2012, 18:19
I enjoyed this little article and thought I should share it with everyone. If you have a few minutes you will be entertained and enjoy a good read here : http://www.saltflats.com/harley_blues.htm

Dan Wright points out some fun and interesting facts about the salt.With the unusual humor that only he can add..

When they saw that rusty turbo setup laying in the front yard, they looked at each other and said, “Bonneville!!!!”
I visited them in their pit, you could best call them Giggly. Both of them sporting a monster adrenalin buzz. They were grinning like kids locked in the candy store. Why? Because they had a “problem”.

Oh and just for fun here's a couple pics your sure to like:

11th January 2012, 18:22
There are a lot of such articles and tons of info on the main site here

Dakin Engineering
11th January 2012, 21:30
Dan Wright was my very first contact with the Salt and USFRA.
Talk about bend over backwards to help a newbie!
I read the article and like I sent to him;

I'm working on it!

Dan has some race in him, too. There's TWO 1000 Suzis(?) in there.


NRHS Sales
11th January 2012, 21:35
I was waiting for you to chime in here Sam!!!

Dakin Engineering
11th January 2012, 22:50
Dan, your wind got here. Stop. I mean it. Stop. Please make it Stop
55 to 35 in 3 hours and a 25 mph wind from Denver.

Sam ;)

4th February 2012, 06:04
I remember them Drouin superchargers like on that Norton.

4th February 2012, 15:33
To me, that article is really about soft records, of which there are LOTS at Bonneville. It's not difficult at all to find highly contested classes that have faster records than some other classes that should be faster, but are actually much slower, just due to less participation. That's especially true at the Bub meet since it's younger and only has one event a year, versus three meets that run on the SCTA records.

Some of the records he shows as examples are pretty familiar to me, and they bring back a lot of memories ...

MPS-PF 1000cc 180.823 MPH - This was a project Axtell and I did back in 2001, with my RR1000. The motor was well prepared but made way too much power for the fragile XR1000 cases. They were pretty tore up by the time we finished that day, and I retired the bike after that.

M-PG 1350cc 167.056 MPH - This was my little S1, Timbo riding, we did it in 2004. Quite a story behind it. A couple days before the race, I finished the bike, rolled it on the dyno, and on the second pull it busted the cases. I scrambled to do a full tear down, prep a new set of cases, and get it all back together, tuned, and in the trailer. The old record was 166.9 something (Carl's). On the first pass, Timbo went 167.0, and on the second pass he went 167.0, and when we went to pick up the bike, I looked down and the cases were broke again.

M-PF 1350cc 166.953 MPH - This was in 2003, I remember it well because it was the first year I had the little S1 on the salt. We were really interested in the M-PG (gasoline) record which was 166.9 (see above), but to tune and sort the bike we first entered it in M-PF (fuel) only because it had a really soft record of 152 something, although we only ran the bike on gasoline. Well, the bike ran this number, which was actually just above the gas class record, but when we switched it to the gas class and ran it, we managed to hurt it, so Carl's gas class record would live another year. 166.9 was awfully soft for the fuel class though, but due to some rule changes that made by new break-proof S&S cases illegal, I didn't get around to pursuing this record again until 2009, at which time Susan broke it with the S1, it's now 173mph, the article is just old.

MPS-PF 1650cc 205.642 MPH - This is another one we set in 2004, with the RR1650. The old record was 202.989 which we had done with Richard Nallin riding back in 2002. It was this effort that really made me understand the limitations of using nitrous, and prompted me to move the bike to nitro. You just kind of run into a wall with nitrous, where if you put more to it, you just break it. I had broken it badly in 2003 and for 2004 I was more conservative and we managed to put a little bit onto the record.

MPS-PF 2000cc 195.988 MPH - I don't remember the year for this one, but I remember the number. This was one of those gimme's, where I went after a soft record just because it was there, and we already had the 1650 record and it was about all we could get. So after tear-down/inspection at 1650, we put it back together with some jugs & pistons that put it just over the 1650 displacement limit, and ran the bike as a 2000, against a record that was only like 178 or something. Timbo qualified it at 203 and change and I suspected we hurt it. Sure enough, on his return pass it broke, but he managed to go through at about 190, and this number was the average. Not a record I'm proud of, and any decent effort should be able to beat that number.

2nd March 2012, 10:00
yup - about soft and open records. especially the A classes that apparently did not exist when the article was written.

I’m here to tell you that YOU can “Live the Bonneville Dream” on a working stiff’s budget. Come and run YOUR bike at Bonneville with the USFRA. Those Blown Pushrod motorcycle records need your help.

he is talking about us, fellas!

a record is a record. i think i would like to set a record :smoke

Dakin Engineering
2nd March 2012, 15:50
Some are able to walk away from the Salt after a season or so.
Some of us have the hook set too deep.

Altough it's not what I had envisioned when I wrote Dan,
It sure is what I want; more blown Sportsters at Bonneville.

Still working on it,