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6th January 2005, 04:17
I have a 2002 1200 Custom and I really want to change out the tank for a larger capacity. I also want it to look good. I would prefer to have a dash on it as well. Has anyone had any experience with this and if so which is the best tank to go with? I have looked at JP Cycles, Kustomerks, etc, and it seems the largest capacity is 4 Gallons. I like to do long rides. Anyone have any suggestions? :yikes

6th January 2005, 14:29
I got a Paughco 4.2 gal from them....

6th January 2005, 18:29
Someone here did a fxdl conversion,looks good enough that I am working on one myself.
My pc crashed a couple weeks ago,I lost all my info so I can't tell you who it was.
There was some pics.posted on the old site in the thd that I started,asking baisicly the same question.I will look around when I get home this evening and see if I can find the pics.

6th January 2005, 21:18
Fattank (http://www.fattank.com) sells a 5.5 gallon tank for the Sportster, but it ain't cheap. Also do a google search for AirTech, they make a 6 gallon tank, but it's styled more towards the cafe racers.

6th January 2005, 21:30
Fattank sells a 5.5 gallon tank for the Sportster, but it ain't cheap.
Sounds interesteing and probably looks cool, but they've got some serious 'nads wanting you to send them money just to get "more information" I know, overhead...blah...blah... What that tells me is rinky-dink.

6th January 2005, 22:15
Attached are a couple of pictures of my 883/1200 convert. Old style front end w/16 inch front spoke, fat bob tank.

9th January 2005, 01:35
I appreciate everyone's replies. This gives me lots of ideas!

9th January 2005, 02:04
Here is a pic of my tank with a Custom Crome speedo/tac combo, nice having the extra range

9th January 2005, 03:20
There is a thread out there about tanks with lots of pics of the dif. choices. Here is the photo I swiped from the big azzzz tank. http://xlforum.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=547

25th January 2005, 01:39
Go with bikerdude. Jirehcycles! Fatboy tank, dash, ignition, everything you need
complete for a good price. Did my 98 sporty and it looks great, not to mention the
extra miles