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6th January 2005, 04:27
Mine was a 1967 Pontiac GTO. 400 C.I. ....Man what a car. Wish I had it today.

6th January 2005, 04:34
I have never bonded with a car......Kind'a like GF's. They're utilitarian.

Now, My Sporty is a different story...... :tour

6th January 2005, 04:42
Had to be 70 Dodge Challenger 340 6-pack :clap

6th January 2005, 04:44
My 1951 Henry 'J' 'Gasser' I owned back in '72. I put a lot of work into her and all my time and money. It was barely street legal...348/409 Chevy w/powerglide Tranny. Had a '48 Ford straight front axle and Pontiac rearend. I broke the front axle shock mounts a couple time pulling wheelies.....beat every car I ever ran against...small and big block Chevys, Fords and Mopars. Owned and built many cars since then, but that was the one..... I wish I still had it.... :smoke Hrdly

6th January 2005, 04:55
Hey hardly! Ever live in Carson City NV.? There was a blue Henry J set up like you explained. Driver sat where the back seat would be. Mine was a 67 Cougar GT 335HP, 390, 4BBL, 4 Speed.

6th January 2005, 04:59
Mine was my 70 chevelle 454 big block 373 gears

6th January 2005, 04:59
It's to hard to say just one...1'st was a '69 DZ 302 Z28 w/ deluxe interior, M-22 rock crusher, 12 bolt 4:10 rear...sweeeeeeet!!!! 2'nd '72 Plymouth Satelite Sebring Plus, two tone black top silver bottom I put a 383 w/6pack in it after I tore up the 318 927 torquefligt tranny w/ 3000 stall b/m shift Dana 60 rear oh yea the hi-back buckets w/ that fabulous white naugehide interior man that was a lead F'n sled 3'rd a simple very clean 307 auto '70 chevelle Malibu no hot-rod but clean honest and I love the 4 headlight front ends and the little rectangle tailights....wihs I had any one of 'em back.....Mike

6th January 2005, 05:43
'64 GTO, 389, 6 pack, Hurst linkage, man that sucker would haul a$$. I could clean house on the Camero's, Boss 302, Chargers, etc. Blew it up racing a Mustang on the freeway and parted it out.

Now that I'm older it's my '02 C240. It's really is a sweet machine and will cruz 120 all day long without breaking a sweat.

6th January 2005, 06:20
1959 MGA 1600 red (pristine)
Bought it in 1962 and totaled it in 1964! Unmarked intersection! My fault! Got a third ticket and 6 month license suspension! Learned my lesson!

6th January 2005, 06:43
I guess mine would be my '69 Nova F/Gas (named "Daytripper") I ran when I was in Alaska...a Navy guy was leaving Alaska and had to sell it quick, but wanted to run it one more time at the strip...he blew the rear end that weekend and didn't want to sell it to me broke, so he threw in another rearend during the week he was trying to pack to leave...the next weekend, I take it up to the strip and as I came off the line on my first run, the front end goes straight up and I almost land on the Xmas tree lights! At the time, those lights were the only set in Alaska...he had forgotten to tell me the orginal rearend had 4:88 gears and the rearend he changed out for it was a 5:13...it DOES make a difference! Anyway, it was a blast! 350 w/two 850 double pumpers, 4spd w/line lock!

6th January 2005, 07:46
Mine also was a 1970 dodge challenger with a 318 ,
replaced that with a 440 , 727 torqueflight and a dana 60 rear end .

6th January 2005, 09:17
I would have to say it was a 1970 Chevy Nova I got from my Grandpa when he died. I got it in 1992 with only 14,000 original miles. He had bought it new.

6th January 2005, 11:05
My 1947 Chevy Deluxe coupe. When the kid couldn't sleep, we'd run him around the block in it and he'd be in dreamland before we got home. Hey Chuck, does the sound of an inline six do anything for ya?

6th January 2005, 12:04
I think it was a '69 MGB. Well close to that year anyway. It was the one with the small chrome bumpers and sat very low to the ground. I bought it for $150.00 with a spun rod bearing. I found a used crank and rod. That car was really fun to drive. Wish I still had it. They are worth a few dollars now.

6th January 2005, 12:16
I loved all my cars but the most fun I had was with my 70 nova

or my 72 chevelle
or my 73 elcamino
or my 66 charger
or my 67 chevy van
or my 71 nova
or my 72 nova
or my other 71 nova
or my 72 vaga
or my 49 chevy truck
or my 72 karrman ghia
or my 81 cherokee
or my 84 bronco 2 (white with a red inside just like oj)
no right now its my 81 cj5

I've had a lot of cars I hated too but I won't list them for ya

my painter has a 52 henry J thats got a bigblock chevy and that thing is totaly kick a$$

6th January 2005, 12:36
I miss my '58 Corvette...



6th January 2005, 12:46
YOU SOLD THAT!!!!:yikes :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

6th January 2005, 12:49
YOU SOLD THAT!!!!:yikes :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

Yeh, my ex-wife had a hand in that happening. Notice, I said ex-wife.

6th January 2005, 13:06
I'm with you Billy. '59 MGA, mine was a 1500 I believe, that I restored. Two 6 volt batteries wired in a series, electric fuel pump that was reliable 20% of the time (rest of the time you could cycle it by switching the ignition on and off to get enough fuel for another 1/2 mile) and the twin SU's.
Like driving a go-kart with gears. My first love of the twisties.

6th January 2005, 13:48
My Favorite was a 1966 2 door hardtop Ford Galaxie 500, with a 352, 4 barrel, dual exhast, and Factory Air!!! Sure would smoke some tires!!! :D

Second was my '73 Nova!!

6th January 2005, 13:59
My favorite car is a 1970 Dodge Dart. Originally had a 318 (230 hp), but changed it to a 340. 727 torqueflite transmission, 8 3/4" rear end with 3.83 gears. I still have the car, but it is in pieces. I have a 360 built up and ready to go in. I still have to re-wire the car, re-do the interior, and some other minor stuff. Hopefully by this time next year, it will be back on the road.

6th January 2005, 14:09
86 Cheverolet Silverado. Back then 'Silverado' meant something. It meant it was loaded, power everything. Now silverado is more like a base product, and you can get on stripped or all power and whatnot, sad.

That was my first car...or truck(never owned a car, i live in Texas remember? =) I guess that says alot about my age, being an 86 and all =) I still own it, as well as the 89 vulcan 750 I got when I was 16.

6th January 2005, 15:14
Favorite was a 1968 Caprice 4 door, started life with a 307 and powerglide, one day a 396 puched out to 409 coupled to a very stout turbo 400 appeared, had to throw in a 4:11 posi out back and then go get me some rich kids in thier TAs and Z28s (late 70s, earlt 80s). yeah the grandpa's car comments where fun at the first light the no eye contact was more fun at the next one...........I miss those days, that was one of many fun cars. After that the next fun car was a brand new 97 Pntiac grand Prix GTP 4dr. ahhhh what a family car!!!! now that I have matured that is why I have a XL1200C nice and sedate.

6th January 2005, 16:46
Mine was my 1969 Camaro SS/RS (color was Candy Brandy Wine) that I completely rebuilt and showed for about 4 years at car shows. I got a divorce and I decided to sell it around three years ago. The sad thing is, the guy that bought it from me now lives in my town and I see it every now and then when the weather is nice and in our town parades.....

6th January 2005, 16:48
My favorite car was a '69 Mustang Mach I. Big block, C6, 9" rear w/3.50 posi. Never could get it to hook up at the drag strip...

Favorite truck was my 1997 Jeep Wrangler. I set it up for rockcrawling. 7.5" lift, 38" Super Swampers, bead lock wheels, full cage, Warn winch, 9" rear, 35 spline shafts, 4.56 gears, spool in the rear, Detroit Locker in front. Literally would climb a tree. Sold it to buy my Sporty.

Shark Doctor
6th January 2005, 17:12
Young Whippersnappers will not understand this!

Grew up in Jacksonville Beach, FL in mid-60's, and spent every waking moment either surfing or fishing. Had a '54 Plymouth that was painted "red lead." Yup. No color coat, just red lead primer. Great for running onto the beaches: it NEVER rusted!!!

It had a flathead six. It used to blow out freeze plugs every time I hit 3000 rpm (on a 3-speed on the column, that was easy!). I carried a spare set of freeze plugs, a ballpeen hammer, a tube of Permatex, and a gallon of water. Every time I'd blow a plug (and you could easily tell from the explosion under the hood when one let go!), I'd shut it off, coast to a stop, lift the hood, pry out the old freeze plug, coat a new one with Permatex, peen it in place, add a bit of water, and back on the street. I got so good at it, I would lose only a pint of water from the engine block before I coasted to a stop and made repairs.

While the car was a real POS, it saw many good times and will rest fondly in my memory for all the good service it provided!!!

6th January 2005, 17:15
71 Plymouth GTX with a 440. It was my first car. Bought it from my brother-in-law in '74 for $800. He's never forgiven me for selling it!

6th January 2005, 17:36
1978 Chevy Monte Carlo. My high-school ride. Had the 350 out of a 1981 Corvette (was a cross-fire fuel injection model, but was converted over to a 4bbl unit). Did the heads on it, mild cam, jetted the carb, Edelbrock intake, had a dual exhaust made up for it, shift kit in the th-350 tranny. Making around 300hp I'm sure. That car was so nice too. This car was nicer than it came off the assembly line. Everything was perfect. Only drawback was the gears...2.56. That thing was a dog off the line, but it felt like it would do 200mph. Then I crashed it. Drove it around for 2 years during the summers while I was away at school. Then finally sold it to some guy in Chicago that wanted to shop it apart and make it into a low-rider. Whatever. I got my money and went straight to the HD dealer and never looked back.

6th January 2005, 18:24
I had a 1971 MGB that I purchased when I was 18. Awesome car, you could drive with the top down, and park with the hood up! Which I did a lot! The car was a blast, however it wasn't the best car for an 18 year old, with not much money.

The stories that you hear about British electrical systems are true! I'm sure Billy has "fond memories" of Lucas as well!

The second would be my 1968 VW bug. I did a ground up rebuild, and then used as a my daily driver for six years. Sold it right after my daughter was born.

6th January 2005, 18:47
White 1981 BMW 320is, bought in 1990.

Came stock with BBS wheels & Recaro seats. Really nice shifting 5-speed tranny. Surprisingly fast for a 4 cylinder. Balanced in the corners.

I could leave the gas pedal on the floor and just tap the clutch to shift gears. Beat a few cars in the stoplight GP.

If I still had it, I might just have to throw a hairdryer on it and go Civic-hunting...

6th January 2005, 23:53
. They are worth a few dollars now.

ALL those oldie goldies are worth a few dollars now. It falls under... "if I knew then what I know now".

7th January 2005, 00:08
A 1973 TR6.. I did a frame up on that one, and an 1977 FJ40 Land Cruiser that I bounced around Kodiak Alaska in for a few years.

7th January 2005, 01:59
1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser Station wagon, ugly as hell. Yes, I said station wagon. My first car, I was 16 and whenever I think about it I smile. Did I mention station wagon? :danceman

7th January 2005, 03:54
My dad had a 69 Plymouth Road Runner back in the early 70's. Some kind of green, 383, 4 speed. Sold it to some punk who totalled it.

About 10 years ago, he got another 69 Road Runner. Plum Crazy Purple, 383, 4 speed. Had to sell that to buy 40 acres.

7th January 2005, 12:36
my moms 70 olds 88 2door 455rocket , this beast was a tank plain and simple, I got rearended by a 78 TA and he lost the whole rubber front end , headlights,bumper, everything up front , I got a silverdollar sized dent in the middle of my rear bumper
I drove it through a 9-10 foot snow drift and made a tunnel right through it
this beast was longer than a caddie of the same year and had more room inside than most living rooms

7th January 2005, 16:51

Sounds like you had a Party Barge!!!! :smoke

:dancesmil :danceman :dancesmil :danceman :dancesmil

7th January 2005, 17:09
four people could sit in the front seat comfortably , party party party

7th January 2005, 17:54
I've still got the '70 Challenger I got in '78. It's originally a 383 4 spd car but now sports a 440 Six Pack, lift off 'glass hood, a 3.07 first gear (really kewl mod), and a Dana 60 with 4.56s. Poor baby was used & abused until '98 when I got my first Sportster. It sits up on jackstands now in my basement. But in it's prime, it ran 11.80s on treaded tires and pump gas.

Then there was the '87 Shelby Charger GLHS. It was faded black and all souped up. Evil, wicked, mean, & nasty and tons more fun to drive than the Challenger. It had over 100,000 miles and kept giving me electrical trouble so it's gone.

7th January 2005, 19:18
Would have to be my Mom's old 79 Corvette. She bought it used in 1980 when I was 6. I'm 30 years old and about 200lbs now, but I can still remember riding around in the back of that thing from time to time when my brother and I rode with her as kids (if you've been in one, you know there's not much space back there).

The good news is I own it now. It's old enough that it's not in the best shape cosmetically, but we've kept it running using the same mechanic the whole time and I'm in the process of restoring everything that's worn out (like I say, mostly just the looks).

I just had the suspension redone and put new tires on it last month. In the next month or so it's going in for paint, but I haven't decided on color yet. After that, she'll look good as new!

8th January 2005, 01:34
I made a habit of taking vehicles that no one else wanted an made them work for me. I still do. Have a '77 VW bus that I purchased for $500 in 1987. It still does my heavy hauling, totes my band equipment and tows my sailboat. It's got class, spirit and is fun to drive. Did I mention that, despite its 70 hp flat four, it is rated for carrying over a ton(I routinely loaded it down with 2200 lbs of magazines each month)? Had a '58 Fiat Wagon (1100D) with a four on the tree and a crude cruise control...a lockable hand throttle. Sucker would run all day at 65 mph and get 40 mpg to boot!. My current four wheel love is my '86 VW Scirocco. It was free, but not driveable. Spent time, but not money getting everything right. It's my daily driver. It will carry an incredible amount of stuff, given its small form(my entire bass rig, for example). It's a lot of fun to drive. Despite its over 300K miles (2/3 of which were mine after the freebie)on the totally original powertrain- she still gets 31-32 mpg with or without A/C.

My Harley is my toy. There. I said it. For the first time in my life, I don't have to rationalize a motorcycle purchase.

Life is good.


8th January 2005, 02:09
1983 911 SC. 200hp go kart.

4th July 2007, 00:19
I guess it was my second car. It was a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 2 door hard top.
It 10 coats of black laquer with 5 coats of clear. Black interior, bench seat, Hurst 4spd, T-10 Borg Warner transmission, Schieffer racing clutch, Sun Super-tach, Hooker nickel plated headers, Hooker header mufflers, 4:10 posi-traction rear gear, 327ci-365 hp Corvette engine, 650 cfm dbl pump Holley 4bbl carb, Offenhauser Aluminum Intake, Crane Fireball cam, 2.02' intake (camel-hump) heads polished and reangled. Dyno'd at 398 hp one time and 406 the next. I called it a 400 hp smallblock. Beautiful straight body and was never beaten off the line! Man I wish I had that car now.

I have had some really nice cars in my time, but this was my favorite!

4th July 2007, 00:58
Sprtrjl... Wanna drag? I used to cruise Telegraph in my Red 69 Mach 1 (Flirtin' with Disaster.) 351W pushing a reverse valve body c6. Edlebrock Performer intake, 650 Holley, air shocks, and manditory headers (with duals and cherry bombs.)......Oh yeah, did I mention that I still have it 20 years later?

Close-second favorite car was a 73 Gutless Cutlass (The Ghetto Porsche.) It was my winter-car. (I'm sure you Northern folks know what I'm talkin' about.) It ran and looked like pure crap but man I had some great times in it.


7th July 2007, 00:20
74 VW Superbeetle. scat 1915, engle 110 cam, weber 44 idf's, 044 heads, rancho transaxle. I loved that little car and loved the dumb kids in the farter equiped honda's that talked alot of smalk till the last yellow dropped.

7th July 2007, 00:25
My First one.... '63 olds F-85 Cutlass

7th July 2007, 00:30
they were all great cars-even the shitty ones.
1967 Merc Cougar
1970 Dodge Challenger
1961 Ford Galaxy
1958 Thames van
1968 Merc Cougar
1970 Ford Van (hippy wagon)
and more

7th July 2007, 00:34
i have to badass vehicles i wished i never got rid of...

First... 97 2-dr GMC yukon... modded 350sb.... 6" Fabtech lift 3" body lift... 18" weld rims 37" tires... 4.56 gears front and rear... tons of exterior mods...and lots of memories all of high school in that :smoke :smoke :banarock :smilerev :drinkbeer :drinkbeer :drinkbeer

the other... 2002 Pontiac NHRA Edition Trans Am..... balance bluebrint bored over...cammed..dart heads...procharger with smaller pullies...bunch of other motor mods.. 4.11 gears...10" street slicks...700+ street sleeper car... ran 10.50's on street tires and 6 speed....exterior all stock:shhhh :shhhh but sold it to move out to colorado and go to school..oh and buy a new sporty

7th July 2007, 00:37
they were all great cars-even the shitty ones.
1967 Merc Cougar

Hah...!!! Thats the car my Buddy stole and we joyrode in for a week before getting busted taking it BACK... I Loved that Car...!:clap

7th July 2007, 00:41
'73 VW Superbeetle "SportsBug" Marathon Blue metalic Recaro seats thick leather type steering wheel 1" wider from stock rims, short throw shifter alum-mag engine case all chrome trim anodized black, you could also get it in Saturn Yellow, all this was factory stock.

this would have been the VW Golf/Rabbit GTi version of the Bug in those days


7th July 2007, 03:55
I would have to say my 84 Olds Toronado. rode smooth and lots of room for my long legs.

7th July 2007, 09:44
BMW325 model e30

bills bikes
7th July 2007, 12:59
57 ford 2 door hard top with a 410 cu.in. merc.

7th July 2007, 13:03
Hah...!!! Thats the car my Buddy stole ....

I know it wasn't mine because I had trouble getting into that hoar. And it was MY car.

7th July 2007, 20:25
I have 3 that stand out as my faves. 69 Galaxie XL 390 with a C6 was fun beating up on new camaros and firebirds, this was in 79. Next is a 66 Galaxie convertable only a 289 but the roof went down. My most favorite is my 67 Fastback 289 4sp, I traded the XL for it and have had it for 28 yrs, Its in pieces now but am going to try to finish stripping the body this week. It also spins the tires too much for a good launch but thats ok.

7th July 2007, 20:41
71 Camaro. Candy apple red, 350 4bbl, 3 speed Hurst shifter, Cragar Keystone Classic rims, and an in-dash 8-track player. I totaled it about 25 years ago.


7th July 2007, 20:56
It was a tie...

7th July 2007, 21:35
1975 Toyota Landcruiser

7th July 2007, 21:55
1964 Buick Riviera with a BIG block V-8 with two four-barrels - wish I still had her. She was smooth as a pillow, but could rumble with very little provocation, not unlike a Road King with a hot motor.

VA Beach biker
10th July 2007, 02:24
My favorite car that I've ever owned is what's in the garage now. 1991 ZR-1 Corvette. The sound it makes at 7000 rpm is unearthly.

10th July 2007, 02:44
My favorite car that I've ever owned is what's in the garage now. 1991 ZR-1 Corvette. The sound it makes at 7000 rpm is unearthly.

LOVE the ZR-1. The wife and I have owned three C-4's ('87, '91, and '93, all are gone now) but have always had ZR-1 envy. Got any pics?

10th July 2007, 03:08
I've owned a few really nice cars, but the one that I was most fond of was a POS....a convertible Triumph TR7. I can't even remember what year it was, but I loved that car. It was beautiful, gloss white with a black ragtop. The thing always seemed to have problems, mostly electrical, but I loved it none the less.

VA Beach biker
10th July 2007, 03:16
LOVE the ZR-1. The wife and I have owned three C-4's ('87, '91, and '93, all are gone now) but have always had ZR-1 envy. Got any pics?

I'll have to take some. It's got some mods, I'd estimate it at about 390 hp now. That LT-5 is incredible, probably one of the greatest powerplants built, period.

10th July 2007, 03:35
in order
56 tbird
49 ford 2dr sedan
85 fiero...i hear the lafin...screw ya...i love it...still got it and aint lettin go
65 dodge pu slant 6
53 xk 120 jag coupe
64 gto conv
47 studebaker 2 dr (my first car...i was 13...had it near a month before my folks found out)
58 jag mk 1
55 cad sedan dville
tr4 (had 2)
55 olds conv
65 chev impala conv
mgb (had 2)
63 spitfire
ah....i could go on

10th July 2007, 03:56
Brand new Dodge Dart Swinger 340 bought when I was 19. 3110 pounds and NHRA rated at 375 HP. Quarter in 13.2 every Sunday at local drag strip. Loved it then, remember it now.

Others are 63 Austin Healy 3000 Mk 2, 59 MGA, and a little Honda Fit.

Many other cars but these are my top four. Favorite truck was a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500.

Favorite bike was the 04 883C I have now. Had several others.


10th July 2007, 04:08
1987 Jeep Cherokee. Yeah, I know it's not the coolest set of wheels out there, but it was reliable and has 278,000 miles on it. Unfortunately, two weeks ago we had some high winds and a large branch broke and fell on it. Aside from some dents and a cracked windshield it's ok. However the hood will now not release.

10th July 2007, 07:04
86 Volvo 240 GL, 350K+ and still smooth.:banana

Cameron 05 XL 883 SS (Standard Stock):tour

10th July 2007, 14:47
1961 VW. Right hand drive. 40 hp and 0 to 60 in one afternoon.

10th July 2007, 14:57
I had a Mazda Miata, very easy to work on, I enjoyed modifying it. And it taught me that gobs of engine power isn't everything... edit - which is good because it had none!