View Full Version : 883 heads for 1200...

22nd September 2005, 00:15
OK, I have in mind a nice conversion for my winter project. But I'm still debating whether or not to have the NRHS stage 1 porting done to my 883 tops. I know I have read about the XB heads, but they are way out of my budget. I plan on having my jugs bored by NRHS, and Andrews V4 cams (86-90). How much is the stage 1 head porting worth throughout the powerband on a relatively tame conversion. Worth it??? Or should I just go with a head clean up and 3-angle valve job?

22nd September 2005, 01:03
A stage 1 portjob will cost about $500 from NRHS I believe for your stock heads. Will be a good match with V4 cams and bored out jugs if budget is main concern. Your bike will move quite well.

22nd September 2005, 01:06
a stage 1 port job sounds like a great matchup for those V4s if you ask me :D ...sounds like a great "mild" street setup to me :)