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6th January 2005, 21:31
I'm looking to change my handlebars. I'd like them to be a little wider and a little lower. Drag bars might be the answer. I wanted to see what you all have. Like I said - wider and lower, with a little pull back.
Oh, I have the stock bars on a '04 1200C.

Thanks for you help.

7th January 2005, 02:50
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v226/dabronco/Mybikes013.jpg I don't know what your bars look like, but mine had those classic spory buckhorn bars and I didn't like them. A friend of mine bought an 05 superglide and gave me his bars when he installed some 8'' rise ones. I really like them. real comfortable and precise feel. And I think they look good.

7th January 2005, 02:51
The stock bars on the '04+ 1200 Roadsters are very wide, but not super low. Something to look into.

7th January 2005, 03:19
look at the '05 883L bars. I just got a set and love them.

Shark Doctor
7th January 2005, 03:21

Did I read in another thread that you put the 883L bars on a 1200R???

I got a quote to have my dealer do this and it was upwards of $500. They claimed they had to swirch out brake cables, throttle, etc. Is that true...?

7th January 2005, 03:26

Did I read in another thread that you put the 883L bars on a 1200R???

I got a quote to have my dealer do this and it was upwards of $500. They claimed they had to swirch out brake cables, throttle, etc. Is that true...?

The bars cost $60.00. From the looks of your bike I'd have to say you'll need a clutch cable and brake line. Wiring can be lengthened especially if you're handy with a soldering iron. Throttle cables may work with rerouting.

$500 is a little high IMO. Do it yerself for a touch more than $100. It's not brain surgery.

7th January 2005, 03:26
Here's a picture of my brother's. He had Buckhorn's but liked my drag's, but wanted wider bars. Mine are 27" and he got 32". Personally, I think his 32" feel like beach bars. 29" would almost be perfect. He has a 2000.



7th January 2005, 03:31
The bars I referred to are 30".

7th January 2005, 18:55

Do you know what brand of bars the 32" drags are? I'm thinking with the bigger tank on my custom that the 32" might not be too bad.

Thanks - John

7th January 2005, 19:43
I've got a set of 27" HD Drag Bars, paid $40.00 and I Love'em!!! :D

Direct swap, no lines, or Cables!!

7th January 2005, 21:06
What about the riser ,how high can you go so you clear the tank on a 04 roadster...

7th January 2005, 23:19
I put 5 3/4" Custom Chrome Risers on my '03 and have plenty of room!! :D

8th January 2005, 01:27
you can try http://www.dragspecialties.com/fatbook/ they have a lot of handlebars to choose from

these are Outlaw "Zs" 31.5" wide, 2.75" rise, 3" pullback i am thinking of getting these for my bike but they are about $425.00 from the store i priced them at. they have internal wiring which is nice i think. i held these today and they feel pretty comfortable for me. of course they were not on a bike the guy at rolling thunder cycle shop took them out of the package for me to see. my bike has a tribal pattern on it so i think these would match pretty good. just have to debate if i want to spend that much money on bars.


this is my bike i am thinking of putting them on:

8th January 2005, 01:30
oops sorry. i didn't see the part about you wanting them lower also. i guess those bars won't be to good after all. but drag specialties has a lot more to choose from. i have seen drag bars that were wider and had more pullback then the stock 1200 custums do. i will have to look and see wear i saw them

8th January 2005, 02:54
I have an '05 883L and I put on 4" straight risers with HD 27" drags. I did not have to change any cables, etc.. The bars barely clear the tank, but it is exactly what I wanted.

8th January 2005, 11:19
Mikeli, I think you can get the same bars on the Lick's site on this forum for less than $300. Lo-ball Z's I think. They may be a different maker, but look the same. Good lookin bars.

Barry Clark
8th January 2005, 12:38
You want lowered? Get the Clubman drags hehe. THAT is lowered. hehe. They are the riser mounted version of the clamp-on style you see on race bikes. I have one coming for my Cafe Racer project.


8th January 2005, 12:49

Check these out. White Bros Fat Bars.. 9.5" high...3" pullback...30" wide...1.25 dia...chrome...hidden wires.

9th January 2005, 03:15
No idea, he got them from J&P.


9th January 2005, 17:04
here's mine.just put them on 2 wks ago. they are hd's.27" with a 4" pull back.i also got a t/s relocating kit,but decided to put the t/s on the upper trippletrees.its looks nicer and no wire cutting was needed.

9th January 2005, 18:13
Hey Mikeli,

Those are way cool Z-bars, I'm thinking on something similar, but $425 is way too much. Check these out, not as "feature-filled" and way more pull back, but a lot cheaper.

9th January 2005, 19:17
I put 14" ape's on my 75 like them alot so do the cop'sthey like them so much they keep stoping me

9th January 2005, 20:02
i run 16in apes so far i havent been pulled over yet :shhhh maybe im just lucky!

9th January 2005, 20:58
I think it's because they can't put them on there police bike's or because i live in mayberry and there's only andy and barny five so little for them to do no I do think it's the other

9th January 2005, 21:58
Here's a set of Dyna bars with 4in risers. They are 30.25 wide with only 3.75 rise and 4.75 pullback.

9th January 2005, 22:09

What all that white stuff on your Lawn??? What, did you over run your Washing machine!!!! :D

10th January 2005, 22:27
those look cool also pquirk i like this style because i have a tribal design going on my bike and i think it will match.


15th January 2005, 15:59
Yeah. I told my wife I don't do laundry but she didn't believe me.

It's god awful snow. No riding here till March or so if were lucky.

15th January 2005, 16:42
Here's mine with Harley's drag bar P#56558-95. They are 27", which is narrower than the stock bars, but I like they way they feel MUCH better.