View Full Version : Rubbermount_EVO Cobra Powerflo

16th February 2012, 16:01
Ordered the Cobra Powerflo air cleaner from ebay a few days ago for my 07 Nightster. ($220ish). I'm not very mechanically inclined and don't have a good tool kit. I've heard its an easy DIY mod. Will take pictures and post them here when Im doing the install. Hopefully the instructions are easy to understand and I don't run into any problems.

Do you guys have any do's/dont's before I start?!? :)

Bob F
16th February 2012, 16:33
Easy job.

Welcome to the XLForum.

16th February 2012, 16:37
Easy job. Just take your time and you will be fine. Welcome to the forum.

16th February 2012, 16:38
Gotcha :) thanks Bob, I can't wait to start.

16th February 2012, 16:41
What are your thoughts on the fi2000? Im thinking of getting that as my next "big" purchase after the intake and all. Its a bit expensive for me, but seems worth it for what it is advertised as.