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5th March 2012, 19:06
I was in a serious MC accident back in May, I got a blood clot (DVT and PE) after my pelvic surgery and I was on thinners for 6 months. I found out last week I got another clot and will be on them for another 6 months if not longer. I really don't want to miss another season but if I go down I have a chance of bleeding out if it was a serious enough crash. Who here rides on blood thinners and do you have any advice? I been through a lot of pain etc since the accident and this is not very encouraging.

5th March 2012, 19:19
I take Plavix, not exactly a blood thinner but does effect clotting. Cardiologist warned me that I could have problems with bleeding if I crash and get injured. He also told me that I could have another heart attack and die.

So I just ride, I'll take my chances. I'm going to live like it may end tomorrow. So why worry. Just my take on my situation.

5th March 2012, 20:28
I take Plavix, not exactly a blood thinner but does effect clotting. Cardiologist warned me that I could have problems with bleeding if I crash and get injured. He also told me that I could have another heart attack and die.

So I just ride, I'll take my chances. I'm going to live like it may end tomorrow. So why worry. Just my take on my situation.

:clap Great advice.

5th March 2012, 20:45
:clap Great advice.


Great advice, we are all going to go sometime, someway. Had a heart attack, 4 stents... Blood pressure meds, blood thinners, all the goodies. My doc says if I do ride make sure the accident is very small or bad enough to kill me out right.

I'm gonna ride until I can't hold it up or can't remember where I parked it.

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Old Goat Ninja
5th March 2012, 20:46
According to the Mayans, this is our last riding season ever.... just saying haha.

6th March 2012, 00:56
I am also on blood thinner after several heart attacks,steints,defib in place,and dealing with cancer. You only live one day at a time. Ride like there is no tomorrow. If you live in fear of the unknown and what ifs...you will never live. I ride each and every moment i can. you should also :)

6th March 2012, 03:49
I am also on Warfarin and have been since 2007 when I had bi-lateral Pulmonary blood clots which tried real hard to kill me. In 2010 and 2011 I had pneumonia on top of chronic emphysema, the first time I was in the hospital for two weeks in intensive care, the second time my wife was told to get my family together 'cause I had just hours to live. I love to ride and my doc says more power to me, and go for it.
There is no point in cheating the reaper if you cannot live the way you want afterwards...Go for it!

6th March 2012, 04:09
I haven't rode since they put me on them haven't got a chance since bike went down hope it gets out of shop soon but the blood thinner ain't going gonna stop me

6th March 2012, 04:21
A small bump on the noggin even with a helmet could cause serious brain damage . Even death. all it takes is a good thump and all those lil capillaries get torn . If you are on a thinner , they just keep bleeding till your skull fills up with blood and smashes the brain. But hey! slippin on a wet bathroom floor can do the same amount of damage.EDIT : Just use your head and watch out for sandy corners and idiot zombies in cage that want to smash you. Listen to your intuition and live.

6th March 2012, 04:25
Some of the best logic I have heard in years. I agree with everyone in here, and all the more power to every one of you.

I know the same reasoning has already gone through your head too cotnballs, and only you know if that sentiment is as deeply engrained in you as it is in these guys. I have faith in you though bro, I'm betting you will be in the wind for years to come.

6th March 2012, 04:25
The Endocrinologist I work with told me that if you are on an E.D. drug and get in an accident with a head injury. You are bout 50% more likely to recover or survive! So I pop a Viagra before every ride! Then when I get home I chase down the lil wifey.heh,heh,heh....= perfect day.

6th March 2012, 04:41
three brain surgeries and a brain shunt i ride. when you Quit Living you are already Dead :)

Johnny was a good ole boy
he never romped or played
he never smoked he never drank
nor evem kissed a maid

so of course when Johnny passed
the insurance was denied
they said since he had never lived.
he couldn"t have ever died

6th March 2012, 06:35
I was on blood thinners a couple of years ago for about eight months. I didn't even think twice about riding. If your think about what might happen..................................

6th March 2012, 12:32
Just make sure your pipes stay hot enough to cauterize anything and you're good!

12th March 2012, 13:51
I went for a ride on Sunday with some buddies on the wife's Nightster trike since my leg is still bothering me. It was good to be out but my hips were killing me after about an hour and a half into it. Don't ever break your pelvis, 10 months later it still sucks. Good news on my clot, they did a blood test to see if I had genetic predisposition to clots and I do not!

I haven't ridden the wife's trike too much since we did the conversion but it was pretty fun, I still prefer two wheels but still had fun. She needs a steering stabilizer, fork brace and better shocks for sure...lol

19th March 2012, 16:30
I've been riding with buddies twice since I posted last. It was good to be out even if it was on the wife's trike. My hips are still still in a lot of pain from the accident when I was on the bike.

19th March 2012, 16:50
Glad You are out living !!!!!!!!! Sorry Youre havin pain still with the hips and hope you heal SOON !!!!!!!!

19th March 2012, 19:35
Five vessel by-pass, five heart attacks, three sents, ICD/Pacemaker, and a blood clot in my left leg in '08 even though I was on blood thinners. Heart Doc didn't like the idea of me riding but it's what I enjoy. I do get tired more than I used to, just not ready to give up and roll over and die! I do get pain in my left hip from arthritis, but can usually walk it off by stopping and moving around. Did I mention type 2 diabetes? So a whole list of things, just don't give up, the Reaper is waiting!

30th September 2014, 23:34
Yup was born with club feet , got rear ended in 07 had my neck fused, broke my foot in 2012, fell of my garage roof in 2013 and broke my wrist, collar bone ,left shoulder joint,and shoulder blade, broke 9 ribs and collapsed my lung, broke my head in multiple places then had a pe. Then in 2014 I had a heart attack ! Oh ya just bought a 2015 72 !!! Lets ride ! I'll die when I die !!

7th May 2017, 17:00
I have a blood clot gene mutation I'm 42 and have been on blood thinners since 2003 when they gave me a year to live, I ride everyday I try to be smart watch out for other drivers and don't hot dog it. I get blood clots every 2 or 3 months. I just ride safely and enjoy the time I have cause it may be up sooner or later.

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25th March 2018, 00:58
A little late to the party here, but I have been on warfarin for close to 20 years(pulmonary embolism). I don't know how much one is at risk of bleeding out if injured, but after a crash, the ER doc told me that the real danger is bleeding on the brain if you bang your head even moderately. With or without a helmet.

I still ride, but pay attention a bit more now.

25th March 2018, 02:41
We live the life we love and love the life we live!

22nd April 2018, 03:55
hard to be safe with idiot cagers around, almost got it today by a new ford truck.
last dec i had 3 stints put in and on 4 meds at least for a year with the new type of stint and then i will get off of them, first time ever having medical issues.
i will say this, i did cut myself shaving and bled like a stuck hog for 2 hours. i tried everything from direct pressure to duct tape, no dice. i finally used a hair dryer and super glue to clot it. does it stop me, well to be honest, nope.
if you enjoy riding, hard not too, just have to cut back (yea, right?) anywho i try to be extra careful especially in the shop as any nick is a trip to the nurse in the house and there i get a heavy dose of medicine and yep, it ain't pills, that i can handle.
so ride with care and carry a bottle of super glue!

22nd June 2018, 22:09
In 2012, I had my Aortic valve replaced with a Carbon and Stainless mechanical valve and I've been taking Warfarin ever since. In 2015, I retired from work, gave up my apartment and lived on the road for the next year and a half. I now live in Cincinnati and I don't own a car. My Roadster is my transportation. I wear reasonable gear; A helmet, jacket and gloves and riding pants when the weather is cold. Like others have said, I'm going to ride until my time is up. I refuse to sit quietly and wait for death to come get me.

Bama Lee XLC
3rd November 2018, 10:00
Plavix here too......7 stents.......C4-5-6 neck fusion
between my t-spine, lumbar, and sachral areas I have a total of 6 discs missing a.k.a. bone on bone....never had surgery on my back......
I ride almost every day, and work a heavy labor job 7 nights of every 14.

i'll stop riding when I die............

28th October 2019, 02:33
I carry clotting powder which works pretty well for the usual nicks and scrapes.


Tim The Grim
28th October 2019, 04:41
Cayenne Pepper powder, poured in a wound, will quickly stop bleeding as well.

28th October 2019, 09:46
Max respect to all still riding. I turned 62 last week and gave up with shoulder rotator cuff, rheumatoid arthritis & sciatica.I retired last year from hotel work where I was the manager/book keeper/cook/barmaid/cleaner for 12 to 15 hours a day. I got plenty to keep me busy, bird watching/wildlife,visiting art galleries, museums & stately homes & being an armchair detective looking for a missing girl.
I feel a wimp having stopped compared to others on here

28th October 2019, 09:59
Yep, your a wimp! You had best go and order another Sporty!!:laugh

28th October 2019, 10:09
Orange Roadster would be my favourite though I'd like some raised bars on it, something like 883R bars

28th October 2019, 14:24
Shame on you! J/K
Getting to that point myself. Even tested the waters for selling my bike recently.
My days are numbered.
I bleed like a stuck pig too but not because of anything I take.

28th October 2019, 14:51
I don't have the health problems all y'all have described in this thread, but after a crash 10 years ago & all the other injuries I've inflicted on myself from racing as a kid, etc., I've a few aches & pains that have slowed me down. That said, about continuing to ride to ride with whatever problems and/or disabilities, I'll paraphrase Confederate General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson. My God knows the time, place & manner of my death. I have no need to be concerned with that matter. Just ride safe, everyone, & enjoy the ride while you can.