View Full Version : Rubbermount_EVO Advice on sreaming eagle AC

29th March 2012, 09:18
Thinking of doing stage 1 (SE) upgrade on my 883. Many questions: Will it be worth it on 883 or is it more for 1200s? I could maybe change the AC but would not attempt to mess with the carb. What would be cost of paying a shop to do the work? If i ever do 1200 conversion will these improvement still apply or require other AC or exaust? Can AC and carb jetted be done and wait til later to upgrade axaust or must the whole stage 1 be done at once? Answer what you can people. Many questions but just thinking ahead and trying not to waste money by doing things out of sequence. Thanks

BWP 5p
29th March 2012, 13:27
Anytime you allow a motor to breathe better, it's good for the motor. Will you notice a significant difference in the performance.......not likely. Now if you do intake and exhaust.....you should see/feel a difference. As far as changing the breather only............I can't fathom a shop charging more than an hour labor to change and adjust carb. Realistically.....30 minutes might be more like it!

I don't know what an S/E breather goes for these days, but you should consider one from NRHS or Hammer Performance if they are similarly or closely priced. Superior unit's for sure. They also come with a K&N element that can be cleaned and re-used.

It's not mandatory to do both intake and exhaust at the same time, and any changes you make now, will still be applicable for a 1200 if you upgrade the motor later.

As far as changing the breather only, then adjusting the carb.......you can do that yourself with a couple basic tools!:clap