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25th April 2012, 00:52
I've owned my bike close to two years now. Really started riding a lot more as of late on these torn up Oklahoma streets and crazy unpredictable Oklahoma winds. When I bought my Sportster from Paris Harley, I was thrilled to see it had a WG front end. It was cool to have a bike with a bit of uniqueness to it. Granted it had ugly buck horns, stock everything else and Live to Ride crap ALL OVER IT. I didn't care, it was my first Harley. One of my dreams. I had always wanted a Sportster. Little by little I have made it my own. Continuing to do more as I still have Bucks to replace, exhaust and air cleaner...but I'm getting there.

To get to my point. Yesterday, I rode to work. At break I was outside doing a bit of polishing, when I notice one of my brake light screws missing. No big deal. Then as I'm polishing the front fender, I notice something else missing. A bolt, a FREAKING STOVE BOLT. Stove bolt? How did I not see that before. Um, because it wasn't broke. Apparently the PO just used these, jam nuts as spacers and a castle nut to hold it all together.


I spent some time on the conventional lathe with some 316 stainless, polished it up, and put some good bolts on there.
Much better.

Unfortunately, the jam nuts dug into my paint and were a beast to get off of there.

25th April 2012, 01:08
That looks much better now.

Try putting some stainless washers between your new spacers and the fender to cover up where the old bolts dug into the paint.

I recently got my hands on a table top lathe. I'm just beginning to realize what a useful tool it is!

BTW, I just looked at your gallery pics. Bike looks dam good with the WG front end!

25th April 2012, 18:49
Thanks for the compliment man. Would however like to put a fat boy bucket on there. Think it will look better. I've got to hide the wiring too. Hangs down below the neck right now.