View Full Version : Tuning issues on the Wife's Buell Blast

9th January 2005, 23:47
Ok for Christmas she got a kerker Exhaust, so after checking some of the blast Sites I jetted as they had in the past with the kerkers stuff. So i went up to a 45 slow jet and kept the 165 main jet, plus I put a washer under the needle. fast forward to yesterday when i took her out to do more riding in an abandoned lot. Well ran Ok but it was clear it was running too rich, so I brough it back to the house and played with the idle mixture, and it seemed to help.

Today went back out seemed to run fine, on the way out and while she rode around for awhile, on the way back it started spitting and sputtering badly at the transition at low RPM. got it home but once I got it home it did not want to restart, and apparently flooded itself.

So I am stumped I only went up to the recomended Jet, then went with about 2 1/4 turns out on the idle mixure screw. Could the shim do it?I tried some of the experiments testing the main jet and it seems good, but when I pulled the plug it was black...

10th January 2005, 00:11
Pilot jet and needle height affect low to mid range transition..

With tuning .......ONE THING AT A TIME......

Take the needle shim out and see how it goes with just the bigger pilot.......

Just a note if it runs well with the pilot screw at around 1 1/2 - 3 turns then ya pilot jet is about right.

If it needs less than 1 1/2 it's probably too big and if it needs more than 3 1/2 then ya probably too small...

If ya can gt it to run fine down low with the pilot screw in the middle of the range and ya still got a slight stumble when the thottle is cracked ya may need a SMALL shim, usually no more than .030" thick ... andmost times 0.020" is plenty..

Having said that I havn't done a Blast yet but I've done dozens and dozens of HD's and Jappas...and they ALL follow the same basic principles...

11th January 2005, 12:40
Well under recomendation of Stevo, I took out the sim and seems like it was the culprit, rode around town last night on it(I look like a Bear ona Tricycle on the Blast) ad it seem s wonderful, no shudders or Cough, just straightup go, and much improved bottom end over the stock pipe