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Chicago Nick
10th January 2005, 01:43
Hows it goin everyone,

I just finished installing the following on my 04 1200c (taxes paid):

Screamin Eagle performance coil
Screamin Eagle ignition mod
Magnecor 8.5 mm plug wire set
Screamin Eagle performance plugs

I was wondering if I need to do a dyno tuning after the install or anything else. All I have done so far is install everything, so is that it or do I have some other stuff to take care of.

Also, I will be installing Screamin Eagle cams pretty shortly, and I was wondering if I needed to do any type of dyno tuning or anything else after cams go in.

Thanks a lot for the help,


10th January 2005, 02:02
G-day welcome to the forum
Oh here we go again, LOL
These items that are mentioned on your bike that you have cosmecticly installed will not need to be dyno tuned. What h-p has been gained by these items? Maybe 2-5 h-p if that at all. Once you install the cams all the other that was mentioned will benefit the total package.

Yes, before and after the cams get your bike dyno tuned for your satisfaction.

10th January 2005, 03:25
I'll bet they love you at the local stealer's. xllent01 pretty much said it and I personally doubt the 2-5 hp increase. Those things are probably helpful but should have been last on the list.

Chicago Nick
10th January 2005, 03:38
I got the SE cams, SE ignition & SE coil for a total of $230 off of ebay brand new, so I had to go for it. After I bought it all I installed everything I could by my self (all but the cams). I will have to a HD or an indy install the cams. Normally I would have one for chrome but I couldn't pass up the deal.

10th January 2005, 03:45
Didn't mean to infer anything negative. Too many start off with ignition improvements hoping to gain HP. Those things are just about last on the list. You can probably do the cams yourself but you'll need the FM. If you get stuck, just holler.

Chicago Nick
10th January 2005, 03:55

No problem with the negitive response, thats the info I look for here (along with a million other things). I just couldn't pass the deal up. Do you think any dyno tuning is needed with the improvements I've made (including cams), or is it strickly to see the improvements on oaper? Also, what does FM stand for.



10th January 2005, 04:01
FM = factory manual. The improvements you made will not be noticeable on a dyno. I'd probably do it after the cam change tho. It all depends on the kind of riding you do. Remember that dyno tunings are generally at the peak rpm for optimum HP. I don't spend a lot of time in that range so I could care less for that extra 2-5hp that isn't noticeable for the type of riding I do. However, if I'm going for ET slips, that's a different story.