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25th May 2012, 13:46
I purchased 3 sets of Canyon Carver pegs Sunday night, they arrived Wednesday. Installed that evening. Rode them to work yesterday and today, love the grip. I was worried about vibes, but they really are no worse than the factory pegs, I was pleasantly surprised. I have 150 highway miles on them already.

Monday night I ordered the Tank lift, coil relocator, horn relocator w/horn, and Key relocator. They arrived last night and as usual, I am like a spoiled little b!tch, and had to install everything last night. Product quality is outstanding, and if you follow their directions, you will have no issues.

My only issue is with the Key relocator. I realize they have designed it to fit as many bikes as possible, no issue with that. My issue is I have an 03 and the best place to mount the key is under the battery box on the mounting bolt in the center of the box below the tray. The bracket is too long to mount it there and the whole key assembly sticks out. I will have to cut it down and drill a new mounting hole. The measurements will get finalized on Sunday and I plan to send them to DK to use as they please. Again NOT their issue and if not for their product, I would have never thought to try and mount it in that location.

Awesome service and awesome products, thanks for helping make her mine.



Here are some crappy pics from 11:30 last night.



Wheres the coil?




Yes, I put the coil in the horn cover:


DK Custom
25th May 2012, 21:32
Looking good! Until you try one of our pegs it is difficult to imagine how much more comfortable they are.

Here is a pic of a popular location for the ignition key...it does not require any cutting or drilling.


8th June 2012, 14:53
Here are a couple of updated pics. I travel a lot for work, and have been busy. I prefer to ride vs take pics. I hope to get a good clean and wax in this weekend, but if its too sunny I will probably ride the piss out of it instead of washing it.



Its still a little rainy here, rode home in a thunderstorm yesterday.

8th June 2012, 20:03
Finally got around to putting my canyon carvers on the bike a couple weeks ago. They are wonderful. Very little vibration. My only complaint would be they stick out a little too much. If they could be in a bit tighter they would be perfect.

DK Custom
25th July 2012, 00:49
Hey guys, been on a 40 day road trip...just saw these pics! Looking good!

We keep em the length they are so they will also fit the non-standard clevis that HD is using on the 48's and some of the other newer bikes.

You can use the allen screw adjustment to tilt them up a bit and you will have better lean angle than stock...plus, I find it a more comfortable ride that way.

2nd October 2012, 16:03
Well, I did not follow up with my tank lift and I Effed up my tank. I knew it was rubbing at the base, but I figured it could wait till the winter... I WAS WRONG. I Rubbed a hole in my tank. I wish I paid better attention to your instructions that stated this could be a problem. It did take 9000 miles for it to happen, I am a dumba$$. I still stand by your products as quality pieces that had I installed properly would not have had an issue.