View Full Version : BTW-What is the best color for a 1200R?

10th January 2005, 14:54
I went to buy one on Saturday and planned on getting black. Of course, it is the least expensive, so they did not have it. I had never considered any other color and really don't care. But I am curious, which color is the best in your biased or unbiased opinion? Are there any practical considerations that I should be aware of? I know, I know,...it is up to me. But, I am curious to hear the many opinions of the members of this site...which is a tremendous site by the way.

10th January 2005, 15:04
:smoke I won't offer an opinion on this, just fact. Everyone knows that chopper blue or silver (or better yet chopper blue and silver) bikes are fastest. Has something to do w/the atmospheric colors and the slipstream function. I would explain it in more detail, but I'm pretty sure not many member here would understand it. Please see my scholarly paper on this at http://www.leftysbs.com.


10th January 2005, 15:08
any thing to hide the mud and oil would be a good color to get , then you won't have to wash it soo much and then spend more time riding ;)

10th January 2005, 15:17
My personal favorite is the '04 Impact Blue. The new '05 Yellow Pearl is awesome too, but the Black Cherry, I think, would look good with the white contrast on the tank. Haven't seen one yet in person, though.

Black is very hard to keep clean.

10th January 2005, 15:42
Black or Black Cherry!!!!! :D

10th January 2005, 15:45
Yeah...after he put me on the spot, I made my offer on the Black Cherry for that very reason. I thought that the contrast looked really good. Another reason that I am asking is that he told me about a comment that another customer made about another of the colors. The remark was rather disparaging.... I was just curious if there were any common Harley perceptions that might be out there that I am not aware of. BTW, it had nothing to do with "girl's" bikes and is no big deal...just got me wondering. Unfortunately, tho I thought we were there, we did not close the deal...(see my other forum for today for questions on Harley mathematics).

Thanks for the feedback.


10th January 2005, 15:51
any thing to hide the mud and oil would be a good color to get , then you won't have to wash it soo much and then spend more time riding ;)
Now why doesn't this answer from flathead surprise me? :rolleyes:

10th January 2005, 16:14
ORANGE & BLACK no doubt. It is a scientific fact the air moving across the orange of a bike generates less friction than say all other colors. The black creates a event horizon effect which warps the space gravitation pull that all bodies are subject to in the universe. However it has been postulated that the racing Orange of a Harley creates a wormhole effect that provides a 100% gain in speed and friction reduction. I know this is true because I saw it on Star Trek, that means it true.

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10th January 2005, 16:17
The absolute best color is Gun Metal Pearl Blue... but the moco only did that in '03, so the next best color is definately flat black !!!


10th January 2005, 16:22
Now why doesn't this answer from flathead surprise me? :rolleyes:
can't wait for winter to end so I can get out there and undo all my winter polishing :p

10th January 2005, 16:29
Plaid ;)

Shark Doctor
10th January 2005, 16:33
I know I speak for EVERYOPNE on the Forum, flathead, when I say we want PICTURES, LOTSA PICTURES of you polishing your bike... you know your image is at stake here...

:laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh

10th January 2005, 16:38
ok , ok , I confess , it wasn't really polishing it was more like using a screwdriver to knock the big chunks off and blowing it down with an airnozzle

10th January 2005, 16:46
Wow, for a minute there flathead thought you were ill :laugh but now we know your ok :clap

10th January 2005, 16:53
For me, ya can't beat good old black, shinny if ya like, or let it fade :D

10th January 2005, 17:15

Are you any relation to Dave Barry, the columnist in Florida? Both, your logic and the way that you confirm and state it sound very much like him. (And that is a compliment...he is my hero and REALLY knows what is going on with everything from world politics to exploding toilets.)


10th January 2005, 17:26
Don't get Lava Red. I have it and I don't want anyone else to have it.

10th January 2005, 17:48
No relation, But if he's half as smart as i think I am he's pretty smart LOL!

10th January 2005, 18:11
Real Red ('04 color) is the best. It may not be as fast as the other colors, but the intimidation value to your opponents will let you win more races... :D

10th January 2005, 20:13
Lava red sunglo..without a doubt.

Trouble is I like ALL the new Sportster colours!!

10th January 2005, 20:22
Rich Luxury Red. It's very rich and luxurious, like it's name implies. When I'm riding, everyone thinks I'm rich (and luxurious, like 3 ply toilet paper).
Any other red is just a poor, uncomfortable compromise (like 1 ply toilet paper)

10th January 2005, 20:24
Dang it racing orange and black, how many times I got'a say it? Its proven by certifiable individuals confined to large padded rooms.

10th January 2005, 20:51
As an owner of a black cherry pearl XL, I must say that there is not a color that is better looking. But...for a 1200R you cannot go wrong with that metallic yellow offered for '05.

10th January 2005, 21:54
Although mine is pearl white , I'm particularly partial to screaming fire engine red the high intensity black.

11th January 2005, 01:30
Lava Red , painted side covers are on the way!!

11th January 2005, 02:00
Real Red!! Really!

12th January 2005, 22:15
I second the orange and black. It's great for Oct 31st!

13th January 2005, 04:52
I really like the Black Cherry Pearl!

13th January 2005, 05:05
Black Pearl is my choice, but I'm a little prejudice! :D

Talk about a "chick magnet"! I usually have to take my bike cover wherever I go so I don't get mobbed and molested by these "Sportster Groupies"! So unless you're ready for a big crowd of excited women whenever you stop somewhere, don't go with the black pearl!

13th January 2005, 13:27
My dad says black cherry, but he's a little biased. I have to admit i like his better than my pearl white.

Phil R
13th January 2005, 14:28
Send some of those chickies my way! My Black Pearl Sporty is not drawing as well as yours, however, I do like the color!

Stephen Hawk
13th January 2005, 14:29
Well, you're all nuts. The best color is Smokey Gold and the reason is quite simple. The gold color is easiest to keep clean because the dirt blends in and all those chrome or gold accessories fit in to the color scheme quite well. Besides, black is a real pain and everybody has one; white shows too much dirt; orange and red are marked for citation as soon as they leave the dealer, silver fades and I thought blue was for girls...ha-ha

So, dare to be different and get the gold.......


13th January 2005, 23:58
Gee, I seem to be one of a kind...that's a good thing...I have yet to see another Yellow Pearl 1200R.


15th January 2005, 05:20
Smoky Gold and Black.

The ride of Kings!



Barry Clark
15th January 2005, 14:12
Smoky Gold and Black.

The ride of Kings!
Too much thermal resitance or, to the novice physicist, heat drag. In the case of the Smokey Gold and Black, you area actually creating gaseous eddies. When the heat reflects off of the gold, it creates artificial surface area but air can still move around it with relative ease; it just has farther to go before it escapes the bike. Black absorbs the radiation and, although adding thermal weight, has a greater reduction in heat drag than its highly reflective counterparts effectively cancelling the added weight. However, when you blend the two colors, black and gold, the air flow is at ease over the black but then hits a wall of thermal drag as it hits the gold paint. This disturbance creates swirls, or eddies, in the air flow around the bike making the artificial surface area far greater than if you had just painted the bike all gold or even chrome. This may seem minor in the grand schema but this practice of two-tone painting can become deadly. If you paint the right side black and the left gold, you will create a thermal rudder and, in a tornado, you will be violently blown off the road.

Please take this into consideration.

Black is the fastest color.

15th January 2005, 14:34
I think the Black Chery looks great. Too bad for you Luxury Blue is unavailable.......................

15th January 2005, 14:43
Greetings all;

Pearl White is probably THE best color for a Sporty... My wife's 883 is Emerald Green, and looks like it hasn't be washed for a year after a weekend's riding... my 1200c (pearl white if you're wondering) still draws peoples attention, even after a thousand mile, bug splattered ride!

15th January 2005, 15:16
Well, he wanted to know what is the best color for an 05 1200R

Just my opinion:


15th January 2005, 18:09
Black Cherry Pearl or Black Pearl. Go with a 1200 custom and you can have the best of both worlds. :D


15th January 2005, 19:50
Best color...? I guess it's up to the rider. But, I can tell you that the Sierra Red PPG is $181.00 a Qt!!!! Just for the base coat. I'm thinking of painting mine black just to save the beer money.....

15th January 2005, 20:08
Hey folks, new to this forum, but I have to say the best lookin colors for a 1200R would be either the traditional racing orange and black combo, or the yellow and black combo as a close 2nd. I got my SO an 04' Racing orange version of course! :clap

11th May 2005, 03:47
I agree with Nightboy.

for a Roadster...its gotta be the orange and black, and the new yellow looks pretty sweet too.

I have dreams of a second sportster someday and its an orange 1200R with black pipes and a quarter fairing...umm umm ummm

But for all others - Customs, or XL883's, it is Brilliant Silver.

Why? Because its "Brilliant!" :p

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11th May 2005, 04:00
Haa Haaa Haa Haaa

I just noticed NightBoys avatar and profile!! Very good!!


11th May 2005, 14:52


This other opinion will not be as entertaining as the other posts, but I specifically chose the basic Vivid Black as the optimum color. My reasoning was no matter how great other colors are, with the black frame and accouterments, you end up with two fenders and a tank "splotches." With the black, it all blends together to contrast with the chrome and powder coating. Also, if you get a minor ding, my experience is Testor's Gloss Black hobby enamel will be virtually unnoticeable.

12th May 2005, 01:43
Haa Haaa Haa Haaa

I just noticed NightBoys avatar and profile!! Very good!!


That's Cold!!!

NOT!!!! :clap :clap

:laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh

12th May 2005, 02:11
some colors are girly, i wont say which.

others are macho, but unlucky.

as was said in the second post, blue and green are the best due to the atmospheric principals elucidated by that guy.

therefore, my chopper blue pearl sporty with custom pagan green flames is by far the best bike in the world.

thank you


12th May 2005, 02:29
however, I digressed.
the question was, what was the best color for the 1200R, and of course I would agree that the racing orange and black is THE color for that model


12th May 2005, 02:59
Henry Ford had it right - any color you want, as long as it's black.....

12th May 2005, 12:13
Just clear coat the whole thing!!

12th May 2005, 12:22
Best colour Impact blue like my eye's :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh


12th May 2005, 12:46
the question was, what was the best color for the 1200R, and of course I would agree that the racing orange and black is THE color for that model

or colour, with the laced wheels as standard, here in UK. Probably why they chose that colour way for the catalogue shots:-


don't like the swoopy tank graphic though - something with b&w check like the 883r is better