View Full Version : Fork length, wide to narrow

19th June 2012, 00:38
Bought a 77 xlh a few months ago rigid frame, not sure of the rake, wide glide front end, 19 and 18 inch wheels.
Im going back to narrow glide but am not sure about fork length needed
The forks on it now measure 34" from top of fork to axle.
Do I need +over forks or can I go with a stock length, or is this impossible to figure without knowing the degree of rake?

19th June 2012, 01:47
I'll never go back to the narrow front-end. My windshield use to fit on my grandsons mini-bike Thats embarassing .LOL ...... just too narrow

19th June 2012, 02:21
I'm not fond of the handling, or the look of the wide glide.