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19th June 2012, 22:23
hi guys my ironheads charging is giving me nothing but hell its a 57 sportster new wiring new battery all 12v i have a harley 12v generator and a cycle elctric regulator i also have a brand new vtwin generator and another cycle elctric regulator i have polarized both generators and still its not charging with either generator my battery ground is good and i have it wired as diagrams show a to a f to f and the batt wire goes to the iginition to the batt side on the switch so what else could be going wrong

thanks ironlance

72 Ironhead XLH
19th June 2012, 23:32
the CE, is that electronic or mechanical

19th June 2012, 23:43
While your waiting for somemore answers you can read this Ironhead Charging Checkout .Make sure everything is grounded good and all connection are are clean and secure.

19th June 2012, 23:45
It's electric

19th June 2012, 23:45
doe's cycle electric,sell mechanical regulators,i,can only remember seeing,electronic one's.

1st Iron
20th June 2012, 02:43
I just bought a ne wcycle electric genny with the regulator attached. Cured all my charging problems after 4 bad vtwin gennys.

20th June 2012, 03:06
V twin Gennys have cheap parts. Put Accel Arm and field coils in a HD genny they can take a lot more heat than the vtwin. Accel is expensive...but ya get what you pay for.

20th June 2012, 05:19
Well I have a brand new one and a hd and as a matter fact I have a accel rebuild kit as well but the problem is its not charging and it is new all of it and I have two of each

20th June 2012, 06:47
I have always wired my regulator directly to the + side of the battery, not to the switch. Not sure if this would really make a difference...

20th June 2012, 08:32
The CE electronic regulator may take different wiring from stock. Make sure you have it connected up as per the CE instructions/diagram.

20th June 2012, 22:30
well i got it charging i let the battery charge over night and then i polarized on the bike with everything hooked up

20th June 2012, 22:32
heres the bike by the way


21st June 2012, 00:01
So what you think fixed it a fully charged battery which works good on EI's,are do U think it was polarizing after everything is hooked up?

21st June 2012, 00:30
If I gave you an answer I think IDE be bullshitting but if I had to guess I would say probally both

21st June 2012, 00:51
where is the nbattery?,that's a,horseshoe tank,[magneto]

21st June 2012, 01:51
Ya it's a 57 they didn't come with magnetos which blows the oil tank an original CH oil tank and the battery is behind the tranny and pretty low

21st June 2012, 03:11
that's a nice looking bike. Car is cool too.