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21st June 2012, 22:27
The horn that came with my 76xlh doesn't have a means of my new wire harness to hook up to??? checked my owners manual and it is very indescript as to the horn...how do i hook up the new wire harness which is oem and any thing else i should look for???? thanks in advance....sorry for what seems like a dumb question but im sure someone here has the know how...thanks again..pics welcomed...

72 Ironhead XLH
21st June 2012, 22:42
yellow wire is for horn , up the backbone to the headlight , then to horn button. horn 20, button 7

21st June 2012, 22:47
The stock horn has a male spade terminal on the lower right [as you look at the front of the chrome cover], at the back. Post a pic of the back of the horn.

21st June 2012, 22:47
If U have the cowbell it had a flat male connector.Yours may be broke off,it should be on rear jug side of horn if like a 74.Also you may want to check this out in the stickies

21st June 2012, 23:06
Took look at horn and there is not a flat peice to put the yellow wire from new harness to...the harness has the ignition and yellow horn out of middle and there is not any peiec that looks like a mate to harness...what to do if the peice is mia???? do i have to replace who;e horn or just the peice somehow???

21st June 2012, 23:27
Time for soldiering iron.

21st June 2012, 23:41
Dont have one...any other suggestions...or is it cheper to buy soldering iron or new horn????

22nd June 2012, 01:00
Dont have one...any other suggestions...or is it cheper to buy soldering iron or new horn????that piece can be bought the auto parts store if someone can send a pic of the 90 degree female spade terminal. Nikki

22nd June 2012, 01:06
The horn shakes so much it's hard to get anything to stand up to it.

22nd June 2012, 01:32
Pic of the back of the horn please! Then we can point out to you where it is, or should be.

23rd June 2012, 00:40
Sorry for the delay...i see the spot that the male part broke off of...also after further examination of the old wireharness i have found the peice that should be there...can i try to find one at auto part store or what...it seeems as though it is riveted??? can i find small screw and drill a hole and screw it or would this not work??? any ideas??? ebay time or what???

23rd June 2012, 01:00
Clean what's left of the terminal on the horn really well, then solder a piece of wire to it. Connect that wire to the harness. You can get a relatively inexpensive soldering iron at Radio Shack. Once you own one, you'll use it a lot more than you think. If you've nebver soldered before, it's not that hard.
How to Solder - The Basics - YouTube

23rd June 2012, 02:18
i think i will buy one...saw one at lows for 20$...i guess its a small investment that may have its rewards...im sure ill have questions once i get one but until then thanks for the help...

23rd June 2012, 03:41
Don't get a soldering gun, get a pencil type iron somewhere in the 25w to 80w range. They run about $10-$20. A soldering gun is pretty bulky for the size wiring used on motorcycles/cars.

23rd June 2012, 12:34
will look into it...does it still use solder just with a smaller tool??