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15th October 2005, 19:18
Well I'm not sure where to post this because it's no tip nor is it safety advice but it's about riding...

I, here in North Jersey, have waited for this blue-sky day for what seems like an eternity after all that friggen rain. I couldn't wait for today! I've been dying for a decent day to get out and ride and it's poured every day for seven or eight days in a row.

But the damn cagers couldn't wait for this day either it seems :frownthre .

I dread riding during the week because people in my area are nuts. The town's grown exponentially overnight, with new "McMansion" developments of huge houses on land plots the size of placemats; condos, townhouses up the wazoo, and assisted living facilities EVERYWHERE. And the people turning up in the town are RUDE. They're rude on the road and they're rude in person. It used to be sparsely populated, woodsy and beautiful and the main road was a simple 2-lane road. Now the main drag's a four-lane highway with concrete divider and jughandles, and local college suddenly has university status now so we can add a few thousand more newly-licensed teenagers into the mix as well. All this within a matter of about 10 years, and all this makes for a crappy place to want to ride your Sporty.

Ok so I digress. All the above complaints are what causes me to want to stick to the weekends to ride. And now my sunny blue-sky day is here and the roads are packed like it's rush hour! I put about 20 miles in and went home already.

I guess the cagers are entitled to enjoy the sunshine today. I just don't feel very much like sharing it today with the speeding nuts I'm surrounded by.

Thanks for letting me whine. :rolleyes:

15th October 2005, 19:29
Jackie first of all I wanted to welcome you to the ranks of XL Forum Team Member!
Secondly, glad to hear there may be an end to this messy weather. It must be slow moving because it's still pouring up here in MA and we are on our 9th str8 day of rain.
Here's a brook 60 ft behind my house thats quickly turning into a rushing river and its still pouring rain right now.

I hear ya on the heavy traffic areas. I have to ride a little bit out to hit back roads but if I don't do a little traveling I'd never ride the dang bike.

edit: Oh and that avatar is a hoot! lol

15th October 2005, 20:01
Thanks for the welcome- I just saw the "Premier" option the other day. This forum's a great place and someone has to pay for the space and someone has to do the work to maintain it so the least I could do is fork over a couple bucks for all the site has to offer in return. People here are very helpful and nice.

Sorry to hear it's still pouring on you up there but hopefully my blue sky down here means and end's in sight for ya. That brook must be so pretty to have right in your backyard but unnerving when it rises like that.

I'm in Wayne, we have plenty of areas that are under water right now although thankfully I'm not in one of them. Some areas here flood with far less precipitation but there are sections of Wayne and Oakland that are flooded out that say they've never had a flooding problem before.

Hope it clears up for all of us soon!