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12th January 2005, 01:15
I just got my chrome switch housings in the mail. I bought them on ebay for 35.00, guess how much local dealer was, 123.00. These are brand new in the package, and yes they are aftermarket. :clap

12th January 2005, 01:21
Half the Stuff on my Scoot is from eBay!!! Paid a Lot less for it then through the Stealer or a Indy!!! :D

12th January 2005, 01:36
Got the 04 luggage rack and docking hardware, 159.99/34.95, for 61.00 shipping included. HaHa. Got the same switch housing but mine were 42.00. Sorgy's?
04 883 heads for 275 and a bunch more stuff. E-bay rocks.

12th January 2005, 01:49
I got mine from Sorgy's for about $50 shipped. Now I need a master cylinder, clutch lever housing, levers, and the rest of the braided cables. :D

12th January 2005, 02:03
there are deals out there on ebay....ya just gotta keep lookin'. i picked up some chrome o-ring highway pegs for $15 and new saddlebag supports for $20.

12th January 2005, 02:25
I both buy and sell on ebay.You have to know what you are looking at and it's value,or you can pay to much for something that wont work for you.
When I was doing the turbo ford thing,I would often buy things I had no use for myself just to resale.
There are deals to be had,and money to be made there,if you know what you are doing.

12th January 2005, 04:11
I've gotten some really good deals on ebay. 'course I've been had a time or two. The trick is to check the feedback rating and read the negatives.

12th January 2005, 05:50
I have bought about 15 different items on ebay for my Iron during the last 2 months. Great deals. I found an original air cleaner, original headers and heat shields including the crossover, original decals, etc etc. Best swap meet anywhere!

12th January 2005, 07:51
Yup Ebay is great and I but and sell on there. Before the Euro got so strong I used to buy a lot from Ebay Germany and got better deals since there were not near as many people looking at the auctions.

I have been a member there since 1999!!!