View Full Version : Ironhead Mick's Winter Project, Chain & Sprockets

12th January 2005, 06:06
OK, things are coming along. I have installed a 23 tooth front sprocket to replace the 21, and a 49 tooth rear sprocket to replace the 51. This should reduce my hiway RPMs by about 500. The bike has to look good at intersections because it will not be leaving them so quickly.

Just installed also a new o-ring chain. Looks like it may rub the tire [140] just a bit. I'll have to do something about that i guess.

12th January 2005, 06:47
I guess? I'd do something about it pretty darn soon.

12th January 2005, 12:57
23 tooth front can bind up under the kicker cover , did you make sure that it runs freely under there?

mine wouldn't even turn with a 23 but I ground some metal outta there and now it is free and clear

13th January 2005, 00:17
Yup, i ground some metal out of there. On my first try i ground out the wrong spot. Darn! [or some other word]. Afterword it was obvious where i should have done it. It is gunna be good, i think.

I will probably put another spacer or 2 behind the wheel sprocket. There are already two [thin ones] in there. I am a little concerned about the subsequent alignment of the front and rear sprockets. What do ya think?