View Full Version : Delmarva Bike Week 2012

26th August 2012, 16:56
Who's going this year? I've changed my strategy and rented a place for the whole week this year, instead of just the weekend, hoping for at least a few days of dry weather. I know some of you thought the first Bikefest thing at the Inlet parking lot wasn't worth the money, but I plan on buying a 3 day pass which seems like a good deal to see that many has-been bands. :laugh

Reasons I think I'll like the Bikefest.....

Cheap entertainment
I simply LOVE Grand Funk Railroad (well, when I was 16) :laugh
Headline bands play early in the evening so I should be sober enough to remember. :laugh
Headline bands play early in the evening so I can go do other stuff if I'm not too drunk.:laugh
Headline bands play early in the evening so I can get to bed before that bad boy starts spinning. :laugh

Went there last year on Sunday and they were letting people in for free 'cause the weather had been so crappy. Saw the stunt show and must say those guys were impressive.

10th September 2012, 18:16

I was just going to post something. I'm a full time ricer now so I don't hang here as much. Do you ever talk to Ron? I know he stepped up but I sent him a PM. I'll be down Wed-Sat. I like to hang a Fish Tales. If you want, we can exchange #'s. Send me a PM.

12th September 2012, 17:36
i'll be there tomorrow heading down with a group of about 10 at 9am

probably only gonna do OC Bike fest on saturday so i can see Charlie Daniels Band play live!