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12th January 2005, 17:33
Found these pics on the xl list thought it was pretty cool.

the pics are inbedded in this guys post.

12th January 2005, 17:42
Ok everyone. Proceed to mustang's link and find out what REAL bikers are and what they do. My hat's off to those guys on the BTs. I wouldn't have considered that even in my crazy days. Billy's in there too. He's the little kid wearing the cowboy hat. See if you can find him.

Thanks mustangt5 for the trip back to yeaterday.

12th January 2005, 17:42
Awsome pics, amazing to see those heavies fly and trying to ride in two feet of snow, now I thought I had it bad.

12th January 2005, 17:43
Hey Darhawk, remember those days?

12th January 2005, 17:51
About halfway down there's a guy plowing a Model K into a snow drift. Must date these somewhere after 1952, aye?