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1st February 2008, 03:28
Howdy !
Excited about the spring up here in Saskatoon, Sk CANADA. Ordered a
2008 Nighster in vivid blk. Can't wait to hit the road. Are winters are long.
I appreciate all the info on the bikes and like to see and hear all the stories.
I'll post some pics as it evovles.
Safe riding everyone!:smoke

1st February 2008, 03:30
Welcome from N. Carolina, U.S.A. eh?

1st February 2008, 04:12
Hey Karma, welcome to the forum from Kootenay Lake, BC. Yup, it's a long wait till spring and riding weather, but the excitement of the new ride will help carry you through. I was in the same position myself last winter, waiting from January on to climb aboard my new Sporty.


1st February 2008, 04:21
Welcome -

I'm waiting for my '08 XL1200N too... 18 days to go for me.

Hang in there!

1st February 2008, 04:32
And welcome to the forum from Australia! I've been there too (waiting for a N that is...); the forum will help the time pass and give you somewhere to share your excitement when all your friends and relatives are sick of hearing how many sleeps to go ;)

XL 50
1st February 2008, 05:44
Welcome from Southern California

1st February 2008, 06:01
welcome from Buffalo, NY. same as the others in the cold weather cities, had to wait but well worth it. love my 1200N

1st February 2008, 10:20
Welcome to the forum from England, enjoy the ride :o)

1st February 2008, 12:24
Welcome to the Forum from the UK!

https://image.ibb.co/bxXdCv/Welcome_1.gifhttps://image.ibb.co/bND75F/Welcome_2.gif :xlrocks https://image.ibb.co/bND75F/Welcome_2.gifhttps://image.ibb.co/bxXdCv/Welcome_1.gif

Bob F
1st February 2008, 13:33
Hello from Pittsburgh and welcome to the forum. I see it's your first post.

1st February 2008, 14:37
Welcome from Massachusetts.

And yes - we know what the excitement you're feeling is all "a boot" :D

1st February 2008, 15:38
I was so boring...I took a bike off the showroom floor...sheesh. :doh:p

Fantastic, and in black, too! Excellent choice. Welcome to the madness from Boulder, Colorado!

1st February 2008, 17:11
Welcome to the forum from Hartly, "Del-a-where?"

2nd February 2008, 00:23
Welcome to the forum from Felixstowe uk

ride safe :tour:tour


2nd February 2008, 00:32
Welcome from Ontario. I was feeling your excitement just shy of a year ago. It is worth the wait. :tour

2nd February 2008, 16:20
welcome to the forum.

3rd February 2008, 01:48
Welcome from Alberta

3rd February 2008, 13:49
Welcome to the Forum. Glad to have you!!!

3rd February 2008, 14:04
Hope you like yours better than I like mine. Biggest mistake I ever made was buying a Nightster. Had problems with mine bottoming out after putting Progressive Shocks on it and bending the belt guard because it was hitting the reflector under the fender. Have to be careful around curves too because it drags the pegs - not much clearance. I'm too short to ride anything else in the Harley line though.

3rd February 2008, 14:40
Welcome from Nashville, you're gonna dig your bike! I drag the pegs also a bit when going deep into a sharp curve, now that I'm used to it it's kind of fun. I set the stock springs to the their highest setting if going out to ride the twisties, provides the most clearance.

3rd February 2008, 14:48
I haven't had any problems except the moron that cut me off and left me no choice but to lay it down. the bike suffered scratchs and I was left with a brocken collar bone, could have been worse but the laydown was picture perfect, lets hope it never has to be employed again. enjoy the bike!

3rd February 2008, 16:48
Congrats on the new bike! Welcome to the forum, you'll like it here.

3rd February 2008, 21:23
Welcome from Texas, I have the 1200R and went with my neighbor to buy a nightster for her husband. He also has a Road King. However his son in law, one of his employees, a personal friend and myself have sporties and we have turned him to the dark side. He knew we could out run his big twin and thought it was time to get a "bar hopper". Good times are ahead as this is a pretty cool design

3rd February 2008, 21:29
Welcome from the Windy City! Congrats on the Nightster...

4th February 2008, 12:20
Welcome to the Forum from Las Vegas!!!

14th March 2008, 04:35
Hello I just got back from the dealer my bike is in and I sat on her for the first time! Dropped off some parts and order V & H short shot staggered pipes stage 1 and racer tuner once the pipes are in and I am riding our spring is early up here in the north.

24th March 2008, 21:51
Hello out there!
Just took my 2008 xl1200n for a ride it is awesome! Vivid blk Vance & Hines shortshots chrome. Stage 1 and race tuner.Battasini round hole grips and pegs.
Sunny this morning then the snow flakes fell, not very much precipitation it won't last. There are some bikes out here in Saskatoon.
Riding season is almost in full swing!
I will post some pics as soon as I can.
Ride on!

30th March 2008, 05:59
I'm in Minot, ND, so not too far away. I too have an N that I just got in January. There have been enough days in the 40*'s that I've been out riding, but nothing consistant thats for sure. It's been a very long winter for me as well.