View Full Version : Mick's Project, Fork Side Removal

13th January 2005, 00:34
I want to clean up the underside of the fork brace cover; i can see it is rusty underneath [admitedly i have to work hard to see under there]. In order to remove it i have to remove: wheel, fender, headlight bucket, handlebar assembly, fork sides.

I have it all off and i am down to the f.sides. I have loosened the pinch bolts, etc, but they have been in that fork brace for 25 years and do not want to come out. I haven't tried real hard yet as i do not want to wreck anything. Any hints here?

13th January 2005, 01:12
During my tear-down phase of my project, I would have been lost without a can of PB Blaster Penetrating oil. I had to soak the tube-to-bottom tree junction overnight, and tap them out with a rubber mallet.

13th January 2005, 02:56
You're a little further then I am, let me know how it turns out in case I run into anything while I'm taking mine off :tour

13th January 2005, 03:17
Thanx. That's what i sorta expected. I am out of penetrating oil so i will have to get some tomorrow. I'll post about how it works out.