View Full Version : Meet'n'Greet @ Elk Grove H-D

28th October 2005, 08:07
Saw today in The Bee that the H-D Museum truck will be at the new Elk Grove H-D next sunday Oct.30.
Think that's a good opportunity for a get together.

Anybody from the fellow Sacramento/NorCal riders interrested in a Meet'n'Greet on sunday?
I'll try to be there with the bike. (have some clutch issues :( )
Maybe i'll have to jump in the car.
Anybody familiar with the location, so we can set up a meeting point?

Let's get together.


28th October 2005, 08:55
I should be out an about im just like 30 min from there be great to get a few to meet up

28th October 2005, 18:42
Soooo/ are we goin to try to get a few to show wake up guys hehe you guys that are a couple states away get on those scooters an come its not till sunday :) j/k

29th October 2005, 05:54
I just saw this, know its late but... if any of the locals are going up there, lets set a time and swap a number. I'm all about riding over there, so let me know... pm me or somethin, hell I'll probably go out regardless but it'd be great to meet some sporty riders!

Lets a few of us do it. Sounds killer to me, maybe a lunch or something afterwards.

30th October 2005, 04:48
Anyway an update; Smokermike and I are meeting at noon at the Arden HD. Ride over to Elk Grove.

So we'll be in EG around 12:30, white and red sporty 1200s.
Sierra, you started the post! Does that more noonish time work for you??


30th October 2005, 06:15
hey paulie I'll try to make the run up from Stockton tomorrow around miday, I'll be on a black 883 low, see you there.

30th October 2005, 17:16
yeah, time is ok.
Sorry didn't get back to you yesterday. Lost track of time.
I just don't know if the bike will run. Found out last night, that my throwout bearing is toast. Couple balls missing.
Hope SacHarley has one in stock.
(Didn't hear any whining noise while riding. Damn earplugs.):D

Talk to you later.

31st October 2005, 03:20
Well, the turn out at the Elk Grove HD was pretty kick butt. Myself, Sierrabiker, and Smokermike all met up the the SacHD and shot sh*t for a bit... Mike and I drove the sportys out the the meet & greet, Sierra couldn't make it but is getting his bike tuned for next time!

Anyway, pulling up you could tell the turn out was rich. There were probably close to 100 bikes there, and it was a pleasure to view all the different hogs there. The mobile museum was cool too, three or four vintage old Harleys and three or four older racers. They had a real unique hillclimber HD, super long w/ chains on the rear tire - and all nice story boards that went with the display.

Pretty kick ass day, nice riding, nice bikers and really got to chat it up with Mike about our sportys. He even had the rear suspension tool and I raised the shocks a couple notchs for a better ride home than the way in. :D Killer.

Lets the Sacto local folks plan on another ride soon.

31st October 2005, 04:02
Im ready anytime had a blast :smoke