View Full Version : Sydney and Northern Beaches riders - any around

7th February 2008, 10:43
Hi, want to boost the numbers of NSW/Sydney riders in this forum. Seems pretty low numbers ...
drop a line just to chat / talk about good rides in the area and maybe to organise a ride out -- whenever that rain slows ...



28th July 2008, 03:35
hi there im from wollongong not too far from you glad to see other aussies on line

31st January 2009, 09:04
Hey there in Sydney (south) always going on rides with a mate (he owns a fatboy) down to the gong, thirroul, southern highlands etc. Drop us a line if you guys are goin for a ride :)

12th June 2009, 04:48
I am in Yass near canberra if you guys ride this way give us a yell

25th May 2012, 09:00
tis a pity cuz i'm from manly (well allambie) myself but i'm living overseas atm.
my dad rides a 2008 fatboy though and is always down in manly.

30th August 2012, 21:47
im in south west sydney and we go riding down the gong and southern highlands drop us a line if anyones keen.

7th September 2012, 12:56
Check out how far apart everyone is, might be best if we spread the word about this site to other Sporty owners. i'm at Newcastle. I do the Brewery on Sunday arvo's in summer & the Central Coast AMC stuff the rest of the year. If anyone's ever up here, i'd be glad to show em around. Look forward to more Aussie forum.

11th February 2013, 10:04
Hey Tom, I'm in Manly Vale. You can usually catch me riding around on my black '79 Ironhead. Just have it off the road at the moment because I need to reconnect my clutch cable, install an easy-pull system and put in a primary chain adjuster in the next few weeks.