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29th October 2005, 16:04
just fitted ebc sintered brake pads to my front single disc setup and stopping power is much improved over standard pads etc.

29th October 2005, 16:36
No question about it, we say this all the time. We're big beleivers in trying to get 80% benefit at 20% of the cost, but going to metallic pads gets you more like 97% of the benefit at 3% of the cost. Braided lines are worthwhile, but provide relatively little improvement by themselves, and cost significantly more than a good set of pads. Rotors and calipers are way out there in terms of cost/benefit, in my opinion.

We get frequent calls from folks looking for exotic braking parts... we can sell Brembo calipers, Galfer and EBC rotors, etc, but nothing will make the immediate and marked improvement you'll get from just swapping in a set of semi-metallic pads. Anyone who is dissatisfied with their brakes should try a good set of pads before doing anything else.