View Full Version : Heading to Keaney in June?

20th January 2013, 23:15
I will be heading to the meet in Kearney this June. Want to roll out in time to get there before Friday evening. Anyone that wants to hook up along the way let me know. I'll be coming up I-55 from the Louisiana - Mississippi state line. Anyone heading up from the south?:smoke

20th January 2013, 23:32
Looks like you'll be taking 55 to St. Louis then KC, is that right? I'm is St. Louis and plan on leaving early Friday morning. Are you riding or driving. There may be a handfull of riders that will meet up between St. Louis and Kearney.

I have the gas stops mapped out about every 100 miles along the way:

South St. Louis Co, MO to Kingdom City, MO
103 mi - about 1 hour 33 mins

Kingdom City, MO to Higginsville, MO
98.5 mi - about 1 hour 23 mins

Higginsville, MO to Kansas City, MO
64.2 mi - about 59 mins
(Stop for lunch and meet up with KC riders)

Kansas City, MO to Rock Port, MO
98.9 mi - about 1 hour 25 mins

Rock Port, MO to Lincoln, NE
74.3 mi - about 1 hour 14 mins

Lincoln, NE to Grand Island, NE
92.0 mi - about 1 hour 23 mins

Grand Island, NE to Kearney, NE
37.1 mi - about 34 mins


22nd January 2013, 04:42
I don't drive too much, so I guess I'll be riding. Trying to round up as many that want to come with us. I can do 8 to 12 hours straight if I need too, and I think I am about 6 or 8 to guess hours from you. Maybe quicker. I usually run 75-80 on the interstate. There are a couple members up near Memphis that I could hook up with 'cause I'm pretty sure they are going. :clap Then we can head your way....Man, I am just picturing a hundred or so sportsters riding in formation towards Kearny...No shit man this is gonna be so friggin' cool.

22nd January 2013, 18:53
Stocker883l, Will you be riding through the night on Thursday night/Friday morning or are you staying the night somewhere? I ask only because I'll have to leave St. Louis at about 7am to get to Kearney in the late afternoon/early Friday evening. After gas stops and lunch, I plan on getting there at about 5pm Friday. Looks like you have a 16 hour ride plus gas stops to Kearney. You're about 8 hours from St. Louis if you're coming from the Mississippi/Louisiana border at HWY 55. After gas stops, and maybe lunch in Memphis, your trip will probably take about 9-1/2 to 10 hours to St. Louis. Then another 10 hours to get to Kearney from St. Louis! Looks like St. Louis is your half way point.

Here's a route that will get you to St. Louis and from gas station to gas station at about 100 miles apart (depending on where in MS you're coming from):

MS/LA border at 55 to Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS to Duck Hill, MS (South of Grenada)

Duck Hill, MS to Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN to Hayti, MO

Hayti, MO to Perryville, MO

Perryville, MO to South St. Louis Co, MO


23rd January 2013, 02:45
I'll probably get started early day ahead of time to you...Maybe catch a nap somewhere along the way....I'll time everything so we all meet up in St. Louis. Friend of mine is coming with me, I would have to kill him to keep him away, he checks out the forum, but is not a member...It's a thing with him. His ole lady will be following in the truck, I guess. We'll get there in plenty of time. Now if only the next 6 months would pass fast. Thanks for the gas and smoke break info. I'm familiar with those all the way to Memphis. Got a friend in Duck Hill, he rides and old Norton and Triumph, don't think he will want to come. Might crash there for a little while.

23rd January 2013, 04:01
Coming from Duck Hill is a long ride to make in one day to Kearney. I have a small place but a couple people could stay the night if you don't mind sleeping on a couch or in a recliner. I think it will be a 10 hour day from St. Louis with five gas stops/smoke breaks plus lunch someplace.