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14th January 2005, 02:54
started a project a few days ago. decided to strip my bike down to the frame and repaint fenders, tank and frame. got everything off of it except for the biggest part, the engine. just wondering if it will come out of the frame in one piece and if not what all do i need to remove to get it out. any info will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

14th January 2005, 05:07
Hey, cool, another 1980 winter project! I have not removed an engine from the frame yet. Be a good idea to have the FM as it details the procedure one step at a time. I have both the Clymer and the FM. I think you have to remove the heads first, especially the rear one. Someone else here may be more helpful. If not i can look it up.

Welcome to another IronHead Person to this forum!

14th January 2005, 05:18
Yes please keep us up to date on the teardown....as I'm planning to do the same in the near future....your input should be most useful, since mine will also be the first sptortster motor I ever pulled, although my whole motor will torndown as well.....got big plans..we'll just see how much $$ I can slip past the old lady, anyway different story different day....Mike 74xlh

14th January 2005, 12:00
I'm cleaning up a 1982 XLH. Get the book and a camera. The motor came out basically in one piece. I removed the carb, pipes and pegs, oil lines and the wiring harness (that was a PIA). The book will tell you the order. It came out the left side; tilt it over and pick up. Have some help standing by (I used a car engine hoist with a chain bolted to the top engine mount). You can also put some blankets down, lay it over on the right side, and pick the frame up. Find someone that has access to a sandblaster and a beadblaster and you're in business.

15th January 2005, 02:43
thanks for the help. probably pulling it this weekend. got the fenders and tank in the shop now. having the decals on the tank duplicated also. another question. going to lower the rear end. wondering if anyone has lowered an '80 and if so how low. got 12" shocks now thinking of 10-10.5". suggestions/advice. thanks. i'll get some pics of project up sometime soon.

25th January 2005, 04:39
another question. going to lower the rear end. wondering if anyone has lowered an '80 ...

There is a 1985 IronHead on eBay that has been lowered. Perhaps the seller will not mind if you ask him how it was done:


Max Throttle
26th January 2005, 10:45
i lowered mine with the progressive shocks, i forget the part number and i think i got the shortest they offered for my year (80) the only thing i had to do after i installed them was move the rear wheel and adjust the chain

i go three clicks tighter on the shock tension if i run 2 up or the chain will rub the peg mount