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2nd November 2005, 05:50
Hi all.

As I write this, we here in the Northwest are in the middle of a overload of Oregon liquid sunshine week(It Raining like Hell) But last Sunday was a really clear day(Even though they said it would be raining) So I jumped on my Bike for a Sunday ride, I figured this might be a wile before we get a chance to ride again.
I Putted around a swung by the dealer(Free Pancake breakfast) and then when for a Little longer ride.
The weather was like 65f* and no wind to speak on, the classic calm before the storm.
Well as i was riding home, as I passed a market at the corner of Western a 5th street, I saw a Buick coming to the exit at 5th, as i was riding down 5th, I saw that........
1) This was a very old woman driver.
2) She was only look strait ahead, and not for traffic.
3) She was not slowing down at all as she was coming to the exit.
4) I better hit the brakes NOW HARD!!!!!

I put the bike in a Strait skid, as she charged right out in front of me, we missed and a couple feet.

So Now she is in front of me, and Blow the horn at her and flash my highbeam, no response at all.
I was puzzled, so I followed her to the next shopping center, and she parks right in front of the local Starbucks, and so I stop the bike right behind her, and get off.

Now, Road Rage in my state is a crime, and well, the gal must be in her 80's, so yelling, screaming, cursing or generally acting like a Jackass in front of a crowed Starbuck with the police station right across the street is not an option here.
(Did I forget to say I was only a couple blocks from home?, so yes I know the area)

So, you can imagine the seen, a crowed Starbuck, an old lady and this big old Leather clad Bike dude walking over to have a word or two, yes, I had an audience.
So I walk up, and she looks quite startled, so i say.......in my best respectful voice....
"Excuse me Mam, When you left Michell parking lot onto 5th street, did you see me?"

She said No she did not.

I said, I know, because I saw you and you forgot to look before you entered the street.

And I slowly and carefully with the respect you would show to your own Grandmother, I explained how I saw that she did not look before she almost killed me, and that I blew the horn and flashed my lights.....she told me that she was sorry, and i said that I was more concerned about her and that she need to be more careful, less she kill someone.

She admitted that at no time before I came up to her door did she ever see me.

I Then said to her, "Mam, If you did not see me, did not here my loud pipes, did not hear me blow the horn at you, and did not see me flash my High beams at you, and were completely unaware i was following you for a mile and a half....and didn't see me park right behind you, maybe it's time to sell your car before you kill someone, I would hate to see you have to live through something like that."

I then got back on my bike and road home.

I mean what the hell else could I have done?

Pulling her out of her car and Bitch-slapping her across the parking lot would not ben a good thing, yelling at her would have gave her a heart attack, and acting stupid with all those young guys in front of Starbucks would have drawn a a hero to her resque, so what else was there to do.

And calling the cops? In this town would have gotten me no were.

2nd November 2005, 05:57
I say good job on being a good person and not letting emotion have its way. I truly applaud you for your self control and respect towards the lady that almost killed you.

2nd November 2005, 06:14

You did good Jeffy ya did good.

Should pulled her wig and ran though!


2nd November 2005, 08:00
I think you handled it very well Jeff. Never know, you may have saved someone's life she heeds the advice.

2nd November 2005, 09:02
Unfortunately, she probably also has alzheimers and will have forgotten the conversation 2 minutes after you left.



2nd November 2005, 13:15
what are you trying to do? Give BIKERS a good name. Bless your little pea pickin heart and a thumbs up. Good Call

2nd November 2005, 13:53
Yeah, it's hard to NOT let your temper get the better of you in situations like that. You did a fine job, it appears.

Funny thing is, I've found that I get less upset with elderly drivers for some strange reason. Perhaps my Grandma Jeffcoat is whispering down from heaven...telling me to calm down...;)

2nd November 2005, 13:55
Thought about this for a while before posting, couldn't come up with a more perfect way to handle it. What you did is a tribute to your maturity and sensitivity. I just hope she will remember the talk. Not much scarier than seeing seeing a little blue head peering thru a steering wheel.:yikes

2nd November 2005, 14:24
Elderly drivers operating past their abilities to do so safely is a very real societal concern. Unfortunately, it is again, us motorcyclists who have the most to lose....and yes, those poor folks would feel terrible hurting someone...they don't mean to be bad drivers....

I have long been a proponent of the idea that elderly drivers should be "tested" after age 65. Not so much a true road test, but just a "companion ride" by a professional who can determine if perhaps they need remedial training, or should have their licenses revoked (in the extreme).

You handled that in a most respectable fashion....but I hope it made YOU feel better, because I can almost GUARANTEE you that her side of the story is that she was "nearly accosted" by a "psycho biker in leather".

In short, she won't get it...

This is an issue that MAY eventually rear its head amongst society-at-large, but its doubtful, (especially because the elderly are a HUUUUGE voting base) So, we just have to be on our guard...

Good job on both counts Jeffy...glad you're here to tell the tale....

2nd November 2005, 15:07
1st let me congratulate you on not losing your cool.
I would add that in no way did you make any impression because those old people just don't get it. They don't think they are doing anything wrong.
You should have taken down her plate number and called the DMV safety office. At least it would have been on record.