View Full Version : what size socket

Max Throttle
14th January 2005, 11:04
what size socket do i need to remove the front primary chain sprocket?

got a new chain on the way, installed new carb

gotta get 'er ready for some ridin' :D

Max Throttle
15th January 2005, 12:01
22 views and no reply huh

i'll figure it out and let ya'll know :)

15th January 2005, 14:34
well, I don't know for sure but the clutch hub is a 1 1/2 and I'll look here in my manual and see if i can find out..not gonna pull my primary to see.....and the manual doesnt say.....I guess your bike (is that it in yor avatar) doesnt have the compensator spring on it then?...if so thats a whold different ballgame...sorry I wasnt more help

15th January 2005, 15:28
I got one in the garage , when I get dressed to go out I'll look

Max Throttle
17th January 2005, 10:51
ok for those that need to know it's 1-1/4 for the front primary chain sprocket bolt :smoke

and as showmebandit said above 1-1/2 for the clutch :smoke