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16th January 2005, 01:52
as i said in an earlier post about getting the oil s/u fixed.i picked her up today.while i was standing there, i figured i would ask about the 1200 conv. he gave me an est on parst and labor.here's what it is:

1. s/e cams p#25197-04 $324.95
2.gasket kit p#17032-91 $87.75
3.bore both cylinders $150
4.wiseco pistons 10.1:1 $235.99
5.s/e ignition module p#31759-04 $119.95

with a 15% parts discount,all parts are $780.84
with a 15% labor discount is $663 for 12 hrs @$65
for a total: $1530.47.

i know that i wanted to get the nallin 1250 kit.but there are 2 reasons why i'm concidering this.1. the price.2. the dealer is less than 2 miles away me. from. either way i'm looking at about 80 h/p,wich i'm totally happy with. warranty issues are not really a factor in any case,but if something does go wrong i don't have to tear down my bike and send shit away.all i have to do is travel 2 miles and its done. well i guess you can tell that i pretty much made my mind up here,so i want to officially retract my last statement of getting the nallin kit.when this is done i'll prolly wait till next fall and send the heads out to get done. i know some of you are'nt crazy about s/e products,but its good enough for. thanks for reading.

16th January 2005, 02:17
I would scratch the SE module and the cams and grab a set of Andrews N2's. Read Turbota's post on the 551's and SE module. I had N2's and they made 79ft lbs and 84 HP with the heads done. Less lift and duration with less abuse on your valvetrain. The 883 heads will be better suited to the N2's and still be very good once you get the heads done. Also I would wait and grab a Twin Tech TC88A. It's adjustable and you can set the rev limiter way below 7000 and it also has mutiple curves and timing settings to choose from. Just my .02

16th January 2005, 02:18
I have a new SE ignition module you can have for $80. And Ill ship it for free. If your looking for a cheap upgrade in the ignition dept. it is a great no hassle choice. Otherwise as stated above, save your money for the TC88A($285-$385 roughly depending on if you want the module by itself or the module with coil and PC link).

As for the pistons I would go with KB or CP pistons, much better quality due to their tighter tolerances. Weisco pistons are nothing special.

As for the labor, look elsewhere. SE ignition module you can install yourself(plugs in under the seat and is help down by 2 7/16 bolts), the cams by themselves take 60-90 minutes to install, the jugs and piston swap is another 60-90 minutes too at most. 3 hours tops on a very simple job that requires no machining. They want 12 hours? LOL!

As for cam choice, stick with the SE .551 Ive had the N2 and N4, and was not impressed with either of them. I currently run the SE .551 and its a killer grind both for a relatively stock or highly modified motor. The SE .551 has an a very broad torque curve that is great for street riding. If you want a radical agressive cam then look at the Redshift products.

16th January 2005, 17:12
thanks guys.you are both right.i know you get what you pay for.i'll do it right and save the money.