View Full Version : stolen saturday 11/23/13

25th November 2013, 23:27
woke up saturday morning at 6am to go for a nice early ride and realized my little olive drab baby was gone, south florida davie area

6700 miles 99 883 bone stock


sparto and plate mount on the rear fender instead of the side mount

only got to put 2500 miles on her :(

fork lock and rotor lock and still :frownone

sucks this was my only means of transportation

25th November 2013, 23:58
Welcome to "low life" S. FL, immigration central. All it takes is a couple of gym rats to pick up a Sporty and toss it in the back of a van or pickup, so rotor/fork locks are worthless.

I'll keep an eye out for the bike, and I hope you have good insurance.

Joe Promedio
26th November 2013, 00:21
Sorry to hear that. You're probably pissed and sad at the same time. Any chance of it being returned ? Got Insurance? Hope it was just a couple of joy riders and it comes back soon.
You walkin' or taking the bus now?

26th November 2013, 01:05
Man that sucks! I hope you get her back soon, or at least a check from the insurance company.

26th November 2013, 01:38
Damn that sucks!
I would bet $$ its on its way further South or being listed on eBay.

Keep an eye out!

26th November 2013, 01:49
Bummer...my bikes stay locked in the garage

Check Craig's list and the pawn shops too....that time of the year when people get desperate for quick cash $$$$

26th November 2013, 01:50
Buddy of mine moved to florida several years ago...While moving into the his new apartment he was warned by another guy to not leave his bike (gsxr 600) outside or it would be stolen...Told him bike theft was common even with disk locks and chains...They just cut the chain and pick the bike right up...only takes 4 guys a few seconds to do the job...

26th November 2013, 01:53
I will keep an eye out here on the west coast Naples/Ft myers area, but i am afraid DaytonaSporty is correct.
It probably is in a shipping container, heading out of port of Mijami as we speak.
Very sorry mon.

26th November 2013, 01:58
Man, the rage I would feel would be uncontrollable.

26th November 2013, 02:35
Check scrap metal yards too, probably some meth head needing $$$

26th November 2013, 03:04
So sorry man...I grew up in Miami and now live in Broward...not the same place

26th November 2013, 23:21
no issurance on the bike sadly and im currently catching a ride with my step dad to and from work in pompano, no news yet from the police going on 3 days now and man its crazy how bad this effects ya lol

10th December 2013, 06:11
Man that sucks! I'll keep an eye out on the Gulf Coast. A cash purchase, presumably (hope it didn't cost too much and I really hope you recover it), if you could register it without insurance. However, if you're riding in South Florida, you need insurance – even more so during Snowbird Season. Heck, an old man just tried to run me off the road the other day while I was leaned over in a curve with a frikkin no-signal, no-looky lane change :censor It is not safe out there :frownthre Glad you "only" lost your Sporty.

10th December 2013, 12:56
Hey City - he got it back. (a little beat up)


10th December 2013, 21:28
Hey City - he got it back. (a little beat up)


Good news! I wonder why this was announced in a separate thread. If the bike was reported stolen, what about the possibility of dusting it for fingerprints?