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3rd March 2008, 00:58
I'm having a great time reading the forum and thought I should introduce myself. Hi to all from Bangor. I've been riding UJM bikes for years and never thought I'd want a Harley. My wife bought a 2007 XL883R last summer and that changed my tune. I bought a 2007 XL1200R from the dealer about a month ago. It was used but only had 8 miles on it, so I'm calling it new. I'll post a pic when I can.

I'm the kind of guy who has always done his own work on his ride but I'm nervous about screwing up the warranty. I'm learning lot about my bike from this forum before it even gets home. I've left it at the dealer until the snow melts a little but I anticipate bringing it home this week.

This forum is really great. Thanks for sharing all the good info.

3rd March 2008, 01:00
Awesome. And 8 miles, to me, is new. ;) Welcome from Boulder, Colorado!

3rd March 2008, 01:06
Welcome from Central Massachusetts. 8 miles !! it's hard to warm up a sporty in that distance. great score !!

3rd March 2008, 01:08
:welcome from Florida
Mine came with 4 new.

3rd March 2008, 01:11
The dealer sold it to the local Elks Club for a raffle. The winner sold it back to the dealer because he didn't want to pay the excise tax (is what I was told). I got a good deal on it. Technically used because it was previously titled, but new enough for me.

3rd March 2008, 01:22
Welcome from Philly

3rd March 2008, 01:34
Welcome from Ontario Canada

3rd March 2008, 01:45
welcome to the forum.

3rd March 2008, 01:56
welcome from longmont co.:clap

3rd March 2008, 02:37
Hello from Missouri & welcome to the forum! You'll like it here, great place!

3rd March 2008, 03:07
Welcome and congrats. on the new Sporty from the Windy City!

3rd March 2008, 03:15
Congrats on the sporty, welcome to the forum and thank
you for supporting this awesome place! Look forward to
pics of your new bike. It won't be too much longer for us new englanders. ;)

XL 50
3rd March 2008, 04:45
Welcome from Southern Cal

3rd March 2008, 08:07
Welcome to the forum from sunny Italy.

3rd March 2008, 08:12
Welcome to the Forum from the UK!

https://image.ibb.co/bxXdCv/Welcome_1.gifhttps://image.ibb.co/bND75F/Welcome_2.gif :xlrocks https://image.ibb.co/bND75F/Welcome_2.gifhttps://image.ibb.co/bxXdCv/Welcome_1.gif

3rd March 2008, 11:36
Welcome to the forum from Portland, ME!

Any first mods planned?

3rd March 2008, 11:42
welcome to the forum from louisville ,ky

3rd March 2008, 11:54
Hello from Wyoming great stuff too be found here on the forum

3rd March 2008, 12:25
Hello from Dubrovnik, Croatia:luvsport:hrflag

3rd March 2008, 14:05
Welcome from South Portland, Maine

Bob F
3rd March 2008, 14:09
Hello from Pittsburgh and welcome to the forum.

Hi to all from Bangor.

Say hi to Steven King for me.

3rd March 2008, 14:30
Welcome from Western Mass! And me and a friend will be going through Bangor this August on our way to New Brunswick

3rd March 2008, 14:35
Welcome from Ohio!

3rd March 2008, 15:18
Velcome from Illiana!

3rd March 2008, 17:27
Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the new ride.

3rd March 2008, 20:13
:welcome to the XL Forum from Yarmouth Nova Scotia:tour

3rd March 2008, 23:27
Welcome from Felixstowe uk


:welcome :gbflag

3rd March 2008, 23:28
Welcome from WI!

3rd March 2008, 23:38
Say hi to Steven King for me.

My wife and I have seen him a few times around town but have resisted the impulse to bug him for an autograph, which is saying a lot considering my wife has collected first edition hardcovers of almost all of his books. He seems a very private person.

3rd March 2008, 23:46
My wife and I have seen him a few times around town but have resisted the impulse to bug him for an autograph, which is saying a lot considering my wife has collected first edition hardcovers of almost all of his books. He seems a very private person.

It's gotta be kinda cool just to see the man. He's been one of my heroes for many years.

I knew a girl from Bangor, once, and I'm pretty sure she mentioned that she dated his son for a time. And that's the extent of my Bangor knowledge. :D

3rd March 2008, 23:50
HI there and welcome to the forum :)

3rd March 2008, 23:55
Welcome to the XLForum from the Republic of Nevada!!!

4th March 2008, 00:10
Welcome from South Portland, Maine

Good to see someone else from Maine here. There's not much representation from Maine on the GoogleMap. Do you think this winter will ever end? Portland is darn close to record snowfall this year, isn't it? I think they said 90+ inches so far.:frownone We've had even more but I can't remember the exact number:frownone:frownone

4th March 2008, 00:33
Hei welcome from Wisconsin home of Davidson. Been to your area twice went camping in and around Acadia. Great lobster pits great scenery.

5th March 2008, 12:02
Welcome to the forum from England, enjoy the ride :o)

6th March 2008, 02:17
And welcome to the forum from Australia! Congrats on your R. And I'm willing to bet your wife sighed with relief when you bought it as it meant you will now leave hers alone ;) Hope she plans to join us too!

9th March 2008, 22:19
your right it's new
welcome from Ohio

9th March 2008, 22:28
Welcome from Chicago-ish. I'm glad we don't have as much snow as you but we have had way more than usual here too. Way to step up and be a contributing Team Member! Best $ I've spent on my ride yet.


9th March 2008, 22:33
Welcome from WI. I Grew up in Warren, ME.

9th March 2008, 22:35
Thanks. I agree re: the investment. It's worth every penny to have access to this much info and hear all of the differing opinions.

9th March 2008, 23:18
Welcome and congrats on the new ride from PA.