View Full Version : Saw a guy go down today....

7th March 2008, 17:26
So..I am at 7-11 and a guy has a brand new Kawasaki 600 parked near the door. So, I am pulling up on my Sporty and I see him "try" to roll the bike off of the curb in front of the store instead of using the cripple ramp....and he drops the bike because he couldn't get his foot down. So I park my bike and help him pick it up. He was pretty embarrassed..said thanks and took off.

I am sure he is having a bad day now.

I should of taken a few shots with my cell...but decided to do the nice thing.

7th March 2008, 17:32
Sorry you had to witness that. Just remember what Iggy said... uh, what was it that Iggy said?

7th March 2008, 17:32
atleast you were nice enuff to help him up, most people now-a-days just go on about there business and dont even look twice. On the other hand some sit and stare and just watch and laugh as he would struggle with it alone


7th March 2008, 17:34
You feel better :D Hopefully the "embarrassment" will teach him something...:doh

7th March 2008, 17:37
Thanks for helping him out. We went down last Saturday and everyone,except some bikers, just drove on by.

I saw a guy do that a bar trying to impress some ladies, he popped the front wheel up on the curb, and yep, couldn't touch, so he was real embarassed.

7th March 2008, 17:48
Glad you stopped. I pulled off to the side of the road a couple of weeks ago to change gloves and a guy on a sport bike pulled over and asked if everything was okay. Thought that was pretty awesome, especially since the 20 or so cages just blew on by. Glad there are still good people like you out there!

7th March 2008, 17:49
I helped out a gal in the Dominican Republic in the same situation last winter and by golly she was so gratefull she invited us for dinner at her place and we've been in touch with her ever since.Makes you warm and fussy all over when that happen's..

7th March 2008, 17:58
It is embarrassing......been there. A pride thing. Thanks for giving him a helping had.

7th March 2008, 18:04
Good on ya Screwdriver! There's definitely
some thoughtful people left in this world.

7th March 2008, 18:10
thats nice of you, I always try to pull over if I see a bike on the side of the road. You should probly buy a powerball ticket and see if the karma gets you anywhere

7th March 2008, 18:17
It's a good thing to help others in need, or at least check to see if they need help. Makes a little "good Karma" for yourself :)

7th March 2008, 18:20
It's good to see bikers looking out for each other. I got caught in a torrential rain a few months back. I pulled on the side of the rode to get my rain jacket on and another HD rider pulled over in the 6 inch deep water to see if I was ok.

7th March 2008, 18:24
Sure, you saw a guy go down today, but I saw a gal go down last night....

:roflblack ;) :roflblack

8th March 2008, 01:00
It's a fine thing that you helped him my friend.I remember my '67 Honda 305 Scrambler self dumping one time as I walked away from the pump to pay for my gas.Efluvium happens.

8th March 2008, 01:03
Nice SD, karma is a beautiful thing.

8th March 2008, 01:04
Sure, you saw a guy go down today, but I saw a gal go down last night....

:roflblack ;) :roflblack

Too funny! Did you help her up?:p

8th March 2008, 01:13
Thanks for doing the right thing screwdriver, glad you helped him in his time of need.

8th March 2008, 01:22
Cool that you stopped and helped him. Last year, I stopped on the side of the road because I saw a dead momma duck on the road, and her babies were trying to stay with her. I ended up saving about 13 of the ducklings...but while I was stopped, I probably had about 15 or 20 bikers stop and check on me. I thought that was really cool

8th March 2008, 01:33
Did you ever notice how many different kind's of 'frame sliders' they sell for 'sportsbikes!?! :smoke

8th March 2008, 02:12
I dropped my bike last year in the middle of the street. I wasn't hurt at all, because it was very slow speed. Ironically, the first thing that went through my mind was panic. "Hurry up and get it back up before someone notices." I think it was kind of like the same feeling as wetting your pants in public.

8th March 2008, 02:18
I am sure he is having a bad day now.

He'd be having a worse day if he would have smacked his head on the way down.

Good for you for helping him. It is amazing that so many people will just walk away withoug helping!