View Full Version : 80 spoke 21" front sportster wheel

Johnny G
25th November 2005, 02:40
Does anyone sell a high quality 80 spoke complete front 21" sportster wheel ?

25th November 2005, 05:33
American Wire wheel but they are pricey

25th November 2005, 16:50
80 spoke for american wire is about a grand. I'm in the market right now for a 60 spoke and the only place I can seem to find one for a reasonable price is from custom chrome, and I think it's a CC wheel. It's going for $500 with a chrome hub, stainless spokes, and chrome rim.

lava red rob
26th November 2005, 14:26
JohnnyG,try jireh cycles I've bought a few things from them & have found them to be very good to deal with. good prices,nice people I don't know what you want to spend but they have 21" wheels (mostly american wire) in the $350 to $700 range 60,80 even 100 spokes