View Full Version : Help! What motor parts fit 71 sportster

18th January 2005, 16:32
I have a 71 motor electric start, with a cracked case (cam side). Model 3A - H1 I think its a XLH 1000. I am looking for a replacement case and have found some but not sure what all yr cases with swap with my parts without having to do much machine work. Any help would be great.

Thanks Gregor

18th January 2005, 17:03
71 is a 900cc

I would find a local indy or weld shop , I had my broken cases welded cause after much research I found that it is cheaper and a lot less hassle than trying to fit two missmatched cases
to get my trannie rewelded and machined with a few new gears cost me $900 I did all the brakedown work and just had them rebuild the bottom end (I did the top)

they also quoted me a price of about 3-400 bucs just to weld and machine it

18th January 2005, 17:10
I had to have my cases welded a few years ago. I believe it came to less than $300.00 for welding and machining. I don't know how badly damaged yours are. It could cost more or less depending. Look around for GOOD machne shop and don't go for any bargains.