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29th November 2005, 22:50
Recently while picking up a couple of small parts and a primary gasket at the dealership I frequent. The counter person asked if I would need any of the "Special Sportster Transmission Fluid" ( SSTF ) for my bike. I replied that I currently do not use SSTF in my 76 XL that I am using another product. Apparently this was not the correct answer to the question. I was quickly informed that using any other oils except SSTF in the transmission were only going to cause premature wear and costly failure of the gearbox internals. :spank Okay, do I have have detention now or is there a makeup test. :doh
Now I have to admit that in the twenty plus years that me and my Sportster have been together. I used everything from mono grade and multi grade motor oils to the precious SSTF in the coghole. Recently while doing some minor repairs to the stripped out trans drain plug and having a general look see. I noticed that there was no appreciable wear other than the normal wear and tear that one should expect with a motorcycle of this age and mileage (50K) that has been service at somewhat regular intervals with quality oils and not been operated in a manner that is, lets say reguarly abusive. We all break clutch cables in the middle of nowhere and I occasionally like to rocket off the line at a traffic light in order to make the lane change ahead of the mini vans and other cages when I forget that my turn is half way up the next block. :tour
This led me to the question. Just what the Hell is SSTF! I have asked around and got about as many different answers as people I asked. Let's see there was the classic. "It is a special blend of oils used just for Sportsters". Then there was the common " I don't know, they just say use it". Two answers that stuck out were. "It looks like ATF" and "Kind of reminds me of the Tractor transmission and hydraulic fluid without the red dye". I have to admit that it does have a lot of similarities to the Hydro/Trans fluid I use in my farm tractor. Does any one have insite as to just what this stuff is?
With the cost of lubricants going to the moon. I am always looking for ways to save a buck. But not at the cost of being cheap.
I will look forward to seeing the answers I get here.

Semper Fornicatus

29th November 2005, 22:56
I "have heard" that it is "just" 10W40.

30th November 2005, 13:51
Sportsters have been around a lot longer than SSTF.... Don't tell me all those pre-SSTF trannys are junk because it wasn't available in the old days.... Just another MOCO propaganda campain(sp) to get a little deeper into our wallets....

Remember when the MOCO said Synthetic Oil was a No No???? But now they have their own Syn oil so it's OK.... There is even talk about dropping the Dino Juice altogether, and going all synthetic in the MOCO oil line....

I had a long discussion with a MOCO Factory tech in the early '90s regarding the use of Amsoil 89/90 Gear oil in my '83 XLX primary/trans. He said I couldn't use it... WHY????? Because it was not compatable with MOCO clutch friction material & adheasive. I had long since abandoned MOCO clutches for Barnett Kevlars... I call Barnett, They said their frictions were fully compatable with gear oil. I've been using it ever since in all my Sportsters and big twins. I have not bad a single trans/primary/clutch related problem since.