View Full Version : Cell Phones and Inattentive Drivers SUCK!

11th March 2008, 15:21
I've stated it before and will continue to do so.
Last night I had to travel in rush hour traffic.
As I was traveling in the middle of my lane some yahoo on his cell phone decided to change lanes into my lane.
I was not too happy. I am sure he isn't too happy when he takes his Volvo to a Body Shop thanks to my size 13 imprint in his drivers door.
He started to get mouthy until I said he should pull over and we could call the police. He decided not to do so.
So if any of you know someone in Arizona with a white Volvo with damage to the driver's door, send him my regards.:p

11th March 2008, 15:35
:spankWay to go I hate idiots that don't pay attention when they drive. I would have followed him for a while just to scare him into thinking he was going to get his butt kicked.

11th March 2008, 15:45
I was comming up to a stop sign the other day. I was still over a 1/4 mile away and I see this car there. As I get nearer I see that see the driver is on a cell phone. I assume incorrectly so that she is broke down as she has set at an empty intersection for 3-4 minutes. As I pull up I am watching her yak into the cell phone, see makes no eye contact with me at all. I come to a safe stop and stare at her but she never looks up. I again assume she is broken down as she has been in the same place for at least 3-4 minutes now. As I start through the intersection she floors it and we almost hit. She is now screaming and waving her arms at me as though I am the idiot in this situation. This same almost identical situation occured on my way to work this morning and I almost wrecked my new truck.

11th March 2008, 15:54
I hate to say it but, yes this has happened to me alot...I commute often and everytime I nearly get run off the road it always by some damm woman on a cell phone...I know guys do it also but for me, if I get hit while on the bike it will be by a woman on a cell phone or some illegal not paying attention, I just know it. One chick even rolled her window down to apologize and I noticed she asked her caller to hold on as she apologized to me with sun glasses on at 9:00pm. I said don't be sorry, just take off the !!!!ing shades and HANG UP the damm phone and drive.... Simply put, shut up and drive!

Hot Rod Sporty
11th March 2008, 16:03
Glad you're OK, Indy. I hate that shit! I even get onto people I'm in the car with for holding a handset while they're talking and trying to drive. I won't even answer the phone in the car unless I have a hands free headset on anymore....

I'd say 95% of the time when a driver has almost hit me, they're on the f1ucking phone!

11th March 2008, 16:06
I'd say 95% of the time when a driver has almost hit me, they're on the f1ucking phone!

That's because it seems like 95% of all drivers are on the phone.

You can just sit at a red light and watch the cars go by, I'll be damned if almost every single one of them is on the phone. Toss in the fact that I'm in a college town, this is one dangerous place to ride. :frownthre

11th March 2008, 16:41
Not only cell phones for me but in the past couple of weeks I've had two pull outs right in front of me. I avoided both but left some rubber on the road doing so. We are truly invisible.

11th March 2008, 16:53
Didn't your signiture used to say....." Could you drive better if I shoved that cell phone up your ass " or something like that ....maybe it wasn't you.........but sooooo true. Glad you were not hurt!

11th March 2008, 17:09
I have cut back the amount of time I am on a divided highway for this one reason, CELL PHONES!!!!!
I do still use the slab to get into an area that I can easily take back roads home.
I could take 2ndary roads the whole way but then I should wear a vest... ;-) Hartford is a little ruff.
When I start commuting on the bike 100% again this year I might stay off the slabs 100%. Not sure yet, still thinking about it.
I've commuted twice this past week so far this season.

11th March 2008, 18:04
i was on rt95 once and some kid in his dads 67 camaro convertable cut me off he came less then 2 feet from my front tire at 65mph so when my exit came up i kicked his tail light out i wish i was there when he told his dad a guy on a harley did it

11th March 2008, 18:15
I seen a guy this morning talking on his Cell and trimming his Hair and driving ! What an A$$ Hole ! driving 50 in a 70 zone using 2 lanes !

11th March 2008, 18:16
Your Lucky I say this If I get hit By some one on a cell phone and can still move they will get punched right in the cell phone !

11th March 2008, 23:39
I'm thinking about getting a cell phone blocker. I wonder if I can wire it to bike.

11th March 2008, 23:44
Indy, I know what you mean. I will not ride on the 101 on the way home. I take the beeline even though it is far out of the way. Going to work at 4AM is no problem on the freeway, but NO WAY will I take the freeway home from work:rolleyes:

I saw a guy today driving down Hayden going 30 MPH and taking up 2 lanes. I tought he was on the phone...


He was watching a DVD on his laptop:doh:doh:doh:censor:censor


11th March 2008, 23:53

He was watching a DVD on his laptop:doh:doh:doh:censor:censor

Too bad you weren't driving a cage. Those are the types I like to Short Brake.
Or just let them see the brake lights.

11th March 2008, 23:56
And drivers on cell phones, doing make-up, reading, etc. is getting worse everywhere everyday...