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12th March 2008, 06:30
Anyone know of any good shops that'll work on an Ironhead in Fargo? Or perhaps Grand Forks or Bismarck? Thanks!

19th March 2008, 05:26
There is a place on the strip in Mandan, Scooter Shak. I've never taken anything there as I live in Minot, and didn't own my XL while I lived in Bismarck. Worth a call anyways, (701) 677-2033.

3rd April 2008, 07:07
Thanks, if I can't find something a little closer I will take it there. I know where it's at. I'm from Bismarck as well...

21st May 2010, 02:28
I am moving up to Williston, ND next week for work... Curios if there are any more shops around ND that work on Ironheads...... Thanks

The Whammer
30th October 2011, 22:34
I know of one in Lisbon called Juniors cycles, from what I here he does good work. all I here about the bike shops in Fargo are complaints about promised time frames only to have your bike sit for months with one excuse after another. I will be using every bit of knowledge I get from rebuilding my 77 XLCH to start some side work on other Ironheads.

31st October 2011, 22:12
Hey iced-t, nice acting in Law & Order SVU. Hang on … no, sorry, that's Ice-T :laugh