View Full Version : You think YOU have tuning issues???

15th March 2008, 18:03
Take a look at THIS monster!


Some psycho actually BUILT this demon out of 1940's Harleys....

It was in last month's Enthusiast mag....Apparently its on display at the new HD museum...

2 engines, and some kind of one-of-a-kind starting mechanism....

15th March 2008, 18:09

Or TuRning?

I bet neither is easy on that bad-boy!

15th March 2008, 18:51
Ruined two perfectly good Knuckleheads :frownthre

19th March 2008, 13:01
It's a rolling parts bin for Harleys and DeSotos. I have seen very few bikes that are so far removed from what I would do.
I like it.

19th March 2008, 13:08
I think my new FLHTC came with that same front fender on it.

I have honestly taken off 25 pounds of "crap" from it since it has been delivered. Less can actually be more in some cases.

Now, if I could get rid of 25 pounds from myself that easily....

19th March 2008, 13:18
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Honda-Rebel-CMX250-Rebel-One-Of-A-Kind-Rebel-250-Ultimate-Custom_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ50007QQihZ019QQi temZ290214737597QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW



19th March 2008, 16:28
I was wondering if that was a photo shop deal or if it was real. It evidently is real. Just the kind of over the top, larger than life stuff we Harley riders love:) Seriously though. There are some engineering issues obviously here, I'd love to see detailed shots of how they were handled. The obvious and aforementioned starting system. But shifting and drive train issues as well.

19th March 2008, 16:36
That thing is ugly.

19th March 2008, 17:17
Apparently its on display at the new HD museum...

:rolleyes: Glad to hear the Harley museum is catering to the cerebral enthusiast rather than the beer-soaked masses.