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11th December 2005, 17:16
The 23rd Annual Baltimore International Motorcycle Show is truly the most beautiful motorcycle show in the country. Starting June 20th-22nd there will be motorcycles ranging from Harley-Davidson to Ducati and everything in between. Every inch of the 90,000 square foot exhibit hall is carpeted. Over and above seeing hundreds of new motorcycles, the show features over one hundred finished motorcycles and a large display of custom cycles participating in a selective judged event. We always have a high caliber group of over fifty vendors with all different kinds of motorcycle related items ranging from leather goods to on-site seamstresses to sew on your patches! Come out and enjoy a world of excitement!
This year's event is located at the Baltimore Convention Center. The convention center is located in Baltimore’s historic inner harbor which features world renowned restaurants, the National Aquarium, and many other attractions --all walking distance from the Convention Center.

Check out the web-site for contact information.

Mr Jimi
11th December 2005, 17:20
Welcome to the forum and enjoy yourself:tour

12th December 2005, 03:22
I will be there. It is located a block a way from my favorite restaurant, Luna Del Sea.

20th December 2005, 00:35
I 'll be there!!!!