View Full Version : 18" Rear Wheel and max width tyre for stock swing arm

21st January 2005, 22:16
Has anyone fitted an 18" rear wheel to their sporty?

How wide can you go on the tyre too with stock swingarm etc???

Have an 05 XL1200 Custom...

22nd January 2005, 04:39
I'm wanting to know that same thing, an 18 would look really good back there.

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22nd January 2005, 04:41
I've heard of fat tires, but 18" is a little excessive ;)

Sorry I had to say it... I don't know how wide you can go on a rubber mount.


22nd January 2005, 04:42
I don't know, 18 is old enough for me.....Let's see, my age divide by two, add 5, divide by the GNP and subract the.....My head hurts now.

Oh wait, you said 18in wide......

Are you using wickedsprint's "stick" to measure that.

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22nd January 2005, 04:44
Oh wait, you said 18in wide......Are you using wickedsprint's "stick" to measure that.Nope, I'm using NightBoy's protractor ;) 37.5 degrees times two pi equals 18 inches. :laugh

Sorry for hijacking your thread Phill, I'll stop... I hope someone that knows better has an answer for you.


22nd January 2005, 04:47
Two "pi"

Mmmm A sandwich between 2 "pi". Better than my sporty.

Sshhh My wife just walked in.

Sorry, my mind is in the gutter tonite

23rd January 2005, 09:31
Cheers guys....

The old british bikes used to run 18" rims, probably because some of the roads over hear ain't too smooth??? So I fancied the idea of put a larger rim and tyre on the rear as well as tweeking the rear shocks at some point...

As I intend to do some long old trips across Britain including Scotland, and across Europe, I reckon a slightly larger wheel would help? Just wondered if anyone on here had done a similar thing?

:tour :bump :smackh

25th January 2005, 03:28
my bike-76 XLCH- came factory with an 18" rear. I use a chain drive and anything over 120 will rub the chain

28th January 2005, 17:25
94 xlh i've avon23 140 (acttual width 16"x3" rim )is 150 mm
just touches belt but with a chain you can go much wider but would to get a 5"
wide rim and off set spocket(difrent brand tires are widths )one brand150 will fit and another brand 150 won't
good luck

29th January 2005, 21:42
Looks like I'm gonna do a bit of experimenting... I'll let you know how I get on when I come to do it...

Thanks for the tips though...