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O.R. John
24th May 2015, 22:41
I rode my Sportster about 230 miles yesterday to come to Rolling Thunder today. My second trip, my 13 year old son's first. We had back to NJ tomorrow.

24th May 2015, 22:50
Glad that you made it. Next time lemme know... i was up that away yesterday. ..

O.R. John
24th May 2015, 22:52
I think we were in touch last uear. Forgot about it this year. I'll try to remember next year.

cherokee jim
25th May 2015, 00:26
Very nice. Raising that kid right.

O.R. John
28th May 2015, 21:26
Here is a link to a video I put together from some videos I took with my son's Sony Action Cam mounted on my helmet.

If you saw my last ride video on YouTube, you might be cringing right now...because that video (Central New Jersey Toys for Tots) was almost an hour long! :D

Well, that was the first video I ever edited and I have learned from my experience. This video is less than half the length and even features some basic transitions between cuts! :clap

Near the end you can see what happens when you try to get off the parade route too early! :doh


28th May 2015, 21:45
John, glad you took,your son so he can learn about the tradition. Some members of my HOG group also go each year and love the tradition.


cherokee jim
28th May 2015, 21:50
It is important for us old guys to hand down to the younger generations that which we respect and love and this is our soldiers who go over that line to prove self worth and love for our country. I have had this convo with my grandson awhile back and it is uplifting to speak to those who really care and understand the importance at a tender age. This is equal in all countries and we all stand on common ground.

13th December 2016, 17:28
Let us know if you are coming out again next year.

My Daughter and I have ridden the last 2 years. 2015 she was a passenger, 2016 she was on her own bike, a Ninja 250. 2017 she will be on her Sportster.

O.R. John
14th December 2016, 12:31
Let us know if you are coming out again next year.

My Daughter and I have ridden the last 2 years. 2015 she was a passenger, 2016 she was on her own bike, a Ninja 250. 2017 she will be on her Sportster.

Sounds great! Both of my boys have attended as passengers. Now I am trying to get my wife to someday make the rip on her XG 500.

I do plan to go this year, but it might be solo. My boys are teenagers and I don't know that my wife will be ready for a long trip by Memorial Day 2017.

I'll try to remember to check in on this thread as we get closer to May.

14th December 2016, 14:10
If you want a longer ride try Run For The Wall.

Last year took a couple days off work and rode to West Virginia to meet up with them and ride back the last day into Arlington.

This year I'm taking the whole week off, riding out 3 days then riding back with them 4 days.


Jollly Rogers
14th December 2016, 14:20
I've ridden the last two years. I'm close but didn't feel right showing up without a scoot. Truly a moving day. I fly my bosses patch on my flag mount. He passed last year. It'll go with me every year.

14th December 2016, 14:22
I'm willing to meet up at a pin stop on saturday ... this year,,