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23rd January 2005, 03:03
looking to install a cv on my ironhead sporty.I have heard two ways of doing it.A rubber adapter or a press on flange havnt been able to find either one.which would be better??and price?

23rd January 2005, 03:54
this what your looking for? (http://www.j-pcycles.com/productgroup.aspx?GID=B7065E72-E4BD-45CC-8ECC-48B818A187C3)

Max Throttle
23rd January 2005, 11:43
this one looks good!!


23rd January 2005, 15:16
I have a Super "E" on my 74xlh, and have been quite happy with it's performance, can't go wrong, I think, with a component that was designed to work on a particular motor. Although I have a friend who rides a chopped Panhead and he runs a C V carb from a B.T. Evo and says it works very well an his bike, so a C V carb may prove to be a worth while change....Mike 74 xlh

23rd January 2005, 17:53
Hi, I am about to fit a cv carb to my 76 xlch,any advice fitting it would be appreciated.

24th January 2005, 04:08
I just installed a CV carb from a '93 FXR on my 82 XLH. I used p/n 400-562, Billet Flange Adapter, from J&P (http://www.jpcycles.com/productgroup.aspx?GID=4DBEB847-5C36-4047-B949-6A1117E91E96) is the link, if the link doesn't work it's in the carb section under "clamps and adapters". There's also a guy on Ebay that makes what looks like the same thing, but requires you to use JB Weld. Anyway, either one will work.

If you buy the one from J&P, buy a seal kit for a CV. You're also gonna need two 5/16-18 bolts (flange is threaded). It comes with two manifold seals that I threw away and a seal that attaches to the manifold side of the carb. You need this one. I used a LITTLE bit of grease on the flange and a hydraulic press to GENTLY push the carb into the flange. I then secured the seal-to-flange with a hose clamp. Took about three tries before I was happy, and everything was square.
Make sure that the carb is fully seated and it's not crooked. But before you push them together, remove the old butterfly carb, and with the manifold securely in place, hold the CV carb and the flange up to the manifold to see how it's gonna look. I marked both carb and flange with a Sharpie so that I knew it was plumb.
It does NOT come with instructions, but it's harder to explain than it is to do.

I also purchased a ForceWinder air cleaner (Ebay, of course). There ain't a lot of options for a CV carb on an ironhead. The cleaner that came with the carb is the stock 8" round H-D, but it looked HUGE. Not my cup of tea. Now I have to figger out how to support this.

If I can remember, I'll post a picture. Don't know if it works yet, the motor is still "under construction".
Hope this helps.

24th January 2005, 15:32
I'm running a "branch mikuni" set up, branch usta make a manifold for 38mm mikuni's and they are attached with a wide rubber tube from carb to manifold and held in place with two hose clamps , this is a mickey mouse set up at best and needs to be suported with brackets from the carb to motor (which sould be used with all carbs anyway) but even with the brackets my carb shakes and viberates all over the place

the only reason I still use this 38mm is cause it was an old trick set up for ironheads and is kinda rare to find today , otherwize I'd switch over to a modern cv in a heartbeat

I hope the advice in the previous posts helps you

25th January 2005, 01:42
I use an S&S Shorty E on mine, matched with a K&N filter. I am very pleased with it. The only trouble it gives me sometimes when it is cold the float sticks a bit so I have to hit it with something. Only happens when I first gas it, not when it is running....

26th January 2005, 04:12
thanks for all the replys it will give me something to look into
can I still use the existing cables??

27th January 2005, 22:58
I installed a CV carb off my buddy's 03 sporty onto my 84 Ironhead, used the same carb adapter, from what i remember, as above post from BobH, works great, no issues. Have fun

5th February 2005, 03:11
I also just converted to a CV carb. The adapter I used was a Mikuni HS42/018-42. This one fits perfectly. Not too tight. Not too lose. I picked it up at my local Harley dealer. IF you try the metal adapter, let us know how it works out for you.

I also converted the CV carb from a "pull open" to a "push open" carb so I could use my solid, in the handle bar cable. It took some work, but made a nice and clean installation. It looks like stock. But I also needed to replace the fuel petcock, just not enough room in there for my stock 2.2 gallon tank.

Good luck, email me if you have any questions.